Crosswind: Great Body Swap Comic

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Crosswind: Great Body Swap Comic

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Crossdreamers often gravitate towards body swap movies and stories because they provide "what if" scenarios where you can crossdream about being your target sex.

Most of these stories are pretty bad though, mostly because they so often degenerate into cliché-ridden stories focusing on gender stereotypes.

I am glad to say that the recent comic Crosswind, made by Gail Simone and Cat Staggs is not like that. It is a film noir like gangster tale which quite convincingly describes what could happen if the hit man became the suburban house wife and the house wife became the hit man.

The creators have even talked to a fellow MTF crossdreamer, Charles Battersby, about transphobia and how to present transgender people in comics. I have taken the liberty of including that interview below.

The comic also presents a real transgender woman in an essential role.

Any way, if you are into quality comics, you might want to take a look at this one. 

You can also download it over at Amazon/Comixology.

(No, I have no idea whether crosswind is a reference to crossdreamer, but who knows?)

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This looks pretty interesting.  I will definitely give this one a look!

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Lain wrote:
jackmolay wrote: I am glad to sat
Don't trust them, Steven.

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Crosswind is becoming a TV series, according to Syfy.

The body-swapping Image Comics series Crosswind is coming to the small screen.

Vanessa Piazza and her company Piazza Entertainment signed a multi-year producing deal with Entertainment One. Piazza and her assembly are best known for SYFY's very own Dark Matter and the internationally acclaimed supernatural hit Lost Girl.

This deal includes Image Comics creator-owned comic book Crosswind by Gail Simone and Cat Staggs in development as a television series. Crosswind is basically Freaky Friday meets Goodfellas, set up as a thriller about a hitman and housewife who switch bodies and souls.

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Now, that is interesting. I Syfy going to produced this series?