Two Asian MTF/FTM body-swap movies you might want to watch

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The gender swap theme is popular in Japan, as many here know. I have, however, also found similar movies from other Asian countries.

Here are two of them, which are available on YouTube right now. The English subtitles are pretty bad, but they help you understand what is going on (to turn on subtitles, click on the cog wheel and select Subtitles/CC on YouTube) .

The movies are both comedies using the clash of gender stereotypes to tell a story.

Neither of them are high quality art, but the Chinese one from 2012 has charm. I am not so sure about the Thai one.

The Chinese romantic comedy is based on a book by by Zi Yue. It is called If I Were You (Biàn shēn nánnǚ), and is about a young Chinese radio host with a nervous stutter (Shan Min, played by Jimmy Lin). He meets Xiao Ai (played by Yao Di), a beautiful and intelligent young woman, when pretending to be his awkward geek friend on a date. 

Shortly afterwards a freak electric storm combined with a magic umbrella made by an old technomage causes them to swap bodies. 

The story that follows is not that original, but I think the female lead is good at making "his" reactions as realistic as possible in a setting like this.

Wikipedia on If I Were You

The Thai movie is called เลิฟอะรูมิไลค์ รักอะไรไม่รู้ or Love Arumirai (2015?).  

A young female fashion designer (Bella?, played by Sheranut Yusananda or Cheeranat Yusanon, I have conflicting info) swap bodies with her husband, a male cop (Geng, played by Pitsanu Nimsakul), due to some kind of curse made by spirit ancestors (the dead grandparents?) who want grandchildren and are tired of waiting.

This is a rather crude slapstick comedy. The female lead does a great job playing the "male" protagonist after the body swap, but the male actor makes a mess out of it. In spite of the fact that the female originally is presented as a strong and independent woman, he plays "her as a man" using all the stupid stereotypes you can think of, whith extreme feminine (or rather effeminate gay) mannerism. She is not that hysterical or stupid.

There is a lot of homophobia in this movie, I am sorry to say.
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(SPOILER: The grandparents to get their grand child and it is the male protagonist that have to give birth to the kid, still trapped in that female body.)

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I have not seen this one but there are several like it out there. They are difficult to purchase as far as DVD's are concerned as most of them are for PAL players. Anotherwards, you can't play most of them on American DVD players. This kind of sucks because there are a few out there I want but can't get.

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Gender ambiguity is part of Asian culture, just like animated (Anime) themes of bestiality (tenticle sex), and "loli-com" (Lolita complex, pedophilia). Singapore, Thailand has "girlie boys" . . .

Ambiguity in gender presentation is a feature of the Post-Modern, post-structuralist Zeitgeist.
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