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Have we looked at Peaches AKA  Merrill Beth Nisker in our music discussions?  If there is one artist that is clearly into crossdreaming it is her, as noted in her song "Boys Wanna Be Her", which also documents "autogynephilia" in women (note the quotation marks).

This is no coincidence. A common theme in the Canadian glam-rock star's lyrics and presentation in gender ambiguity and transgender themes. She has said that she suffers from "hermaphrodite envy" calling her band The Herms.

The song clearly hits a spot. It has been featured on TV shows like The Babysitter, Ugly Betty, The L Word and Samantha Bee's show.

Note the subtle reference to Stonewall and the role of trans women in the American LGBT revolution.

You've got them all by the balls
causin' waterfalls, stone walls, bar brawls
Common stalls that cause 'em all

To you they crawl, body sprawl
Smokin' Pall Malls, close call, stand tall
Doll, you make them feel so small
(And they love it)

The boys wanna be her (The boys)
The girls wanna be her (The girls)
The boys wanna be her (The boys)
The girls wanna be her (The girls)
The boys wanna be her (The boys)
The girls wanna be her (The girls)
The boys wanna be her (The boys)

I wanna be her

Yes I do

The way you rock, don't stop
Girl, you got the chops
Flip flop, she bop, self-taught
You look so hot

Are you conceived, kids receive
Crawling up her sleeve
Parents bleed, can't conceive
That indeed we'll never leave
(And we love it)

And here is Shane from the L World, building a bridge over to the transmasculine lesbian scene:

And here's a live version by Peaches:


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