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Take a look at this FTM blog

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30 Sep 2017, 08:52 #1

I love these comic strips!

Go to Pink, White and Blue: https://pinkwhiteandblue.tumblr.com




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18 Oct 2017, 23:04 #2

Jeez Gawd! Here are some conflicting and ambiguous (multi-biguous) gender ID conventions going on here.

On the one hand I applaud the idea of gender ambiguity. On the other, I deeply resent the implication that this is the orientation of 12 yr old boys and punk rocker girls.

Of late we've been entertaining the "ambiguous narrative." Of late I present as ambiguously male -- very short (6mm) beard, multiple earrings (stuff that dangles and moves, not "studs"), medical alert necklace that is "jewelry," shoulder length hair in a variety of styles, jeans, (often Harley Davidson) T-shirt, denim shirt-jacket.

My hair is too long for "serious butch" -- I've seen my share of "butch" with facial hair just like me.

And so the "gender presentation game" I'm playing these days is: I'm "trans" . . . and it's up to you to decide if I'm post-trans F to M or if I'm cis-M presenting in some sort of "trans space" which comes off as "queer" trans . . . somewhere on the gender spectrum, but for sure not part of the hetero-normative dyad.
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