Stupidity at the Mall

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Stupidity at the Mall

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14 Nov 2017, 14:40 #1

Last night my boyfriend and I were shopping at the local mall, I was looking for a pair of grey ankle boots and a pair of knee high boots. One of the girls I attended high school with a few years ago happen to work there. When I asked to a pair of ankle boots I liked in my size, she looked at Kyle and I and said I suggest you try the men's department at Sears, I am sure they have work boots in your side.

I was shocked and looked at Kyle and said lets just go. He was furious and ran to the back of the store and literally grabbed the manager and said if you do not provide a service to my girl friend I will call every news media in town and nationally and let the world know how you discriminate against people. I am crying know because I do not want to make a scene.

The manager apparently had no idea why Kyle was so pissed and proceeded to tell her what happened. She called over Rachel, the bitch from school and she proudly admitted what she had said. The manager fired her on the spot. Her reply to the manager was fuck you, you wait on these queers. The manager was so embarrassed and apologetic.

After we settled down a bit later the manager waited on me, I picked out a pair of really cute grey ankle boots and a pair of black suede knee high boots. When Kyle gave her his credit card she refused to accept payment and apologized again. Kyle said it was not your fault and in business to make money and insisted he pay for the boots. The manager started to tear up and said her nephew is gay and has been a victim of being bullied in school and beaten up several times.  She absolutely refused to accept payment, and I assured her that I will buy all my shoes from her in the future.

We hugged and left. There is good and evil in this world. In the car I asked Kyle what got into him, normally we would just walk away from situations like this. He told me for 4 years of high school, every time he saw Rachel she would always call him a faggot or queer. He finally got his justice.



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Glad to hear that it ended well. I envy you, Brianna. You have a wonderful partner, some definite idea of yourself... Ainsss..
Take care. 
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This wasn’t stupidity. In the end the result I think were not just important for you and your boyfriend but to the store manager too. The haters don’t realise that their feelings are not just destructive to their targets but to themselves too