Jeanne Mammen

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Jeanne Mammen

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August 28th, 2017, 5:04 am #1

Jeanne Mammen was a German artist who captured the freedom of alternative culture in Berlin. The Nazis hated her pictures of liberated and gender challenging women.

JeanneMammen+InTheFishbowl+CultureLesbiana.jpg JeanneMammen.jpg Jeanne mammen.jpg JeanneMammen+Women'sClub+CultureLesbiana.jpg a4c5409ad0d6d855b8c9db3f64faf519.jpg 42662baf63c6ffd16fb89d4e6d128a9b.jpg f296f206796bbb6a1687d8df0e653db0.jpg 241b66518d44814fa4e6fa914a895bee.jpg 380c839d518300ab106776ffd5f06f75.jpg e8a52c5fc7138d25e10f9b002a8bf16a.jpg 1722ad3a7917177f0a07a84f1d7e3d08.jpg 1c92fe760a13bced786b43d2e2318cb8.jpg