How do you read and write on CDL?

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July 24th, 2018, 9:06 pm #1

We've no doubt all developed our own strategies for reading and posting on CDL, and I think it may be useful and interesting to share our approaches.

I have two links bookmarked. One is the discussion index, and the other is the control panel front page. I use the latter mostly for unsubscribing to threads after the conversation moves on.

When reading, I refresh the discussion index and open unread links in separate tabs. I also visit liked posts via notifications, in order to clear the notification, since tapatalk doesn't do that automatically.

When posting, I draft my post in a word processor and often go through several drafts before I'm happy with it. Then I copy and paste it into a text editor (to stop tapatalk from adding font information), then copy and paste that into my post. Then I press preview, and often go through several more drafts (edit, preview, edit, preview) before finally pressing submit.

I use "view as original post" mode a lot, so I can edit the code that controls formatting. (This took me a little while to figure out the first few times I posted.) If I'm going through a lot of drafts, I'll copy and paste the code back into the text editor in case something goes wrong.

I very rarely press the quote button, since it's easier to add quotes manually using the appopriate code. Also, Tapatalk has a bug whereby, if you press the quote button and then go through too many cycles of edit-preview-edit-preview, it will eventually tell you that you've quoted too many times and won't let you submit, even if you start over. Whereas that never happens if you add quotes manually.

Of course, I first learned how to add quotes manually by pressing the quote button, switching to "view as original post" mode, and seeing how it worked. Also, I do press it to quote someone like Lost who uses a distinctive text colour, but only so I can then copy and paste the appropriate font/colour information into my draft.

The pink colour I use when posting as Veronica Claire is #FF40A0. I have a text document called "fragments" on my desktop that contains miscellanous useful stuff for reference, and that is one of them.

What tips do you have?

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You  probably nothing to learn from me regarding posting at CDL, for sure. But I have gotten some really good advice from you. Thank you for that!

Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, i just copy and paste the URL to any article I am referring to, as it is. Compared to the old Lefora platform, Tapatalk is a dream, but I really hate the way it deletes the original highlighted text when you add a link.

(This is actually how I found out that tapatalk will turn youtube, tumblr and twitter links into text boxes.)

I am also very careful as to where I put the cursor when I add a photo. If I do not, it might end up at the top of the post. I am add an extra line break between images if I post more than one.