Halloween Crossdreaming

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Halloween Crossdreaming

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All hallows eve is approaching, that beautiful magical night when you can dress as you like and no one bother you. So dearies what are we planning on wearing or what would you wear if you're not dressing up? 

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I often have some Gothic fashion choices, mostly my accessorizing, especially my jewelry. But starting in late September and running through Halloween, I take it a bit further. I change my makeup some, putting on way more eye liner. I also own a great deal of black, and try to wear some of it almost every day. It's an entire season for me. 

3 years ago, when I was very early in my transition, I went out clubbing the night after Halloween, and was unfortunate to have my car keys stolen. I had to take a cab home, and I was wearing one of my shortest minis that night. When the driver picked me up he said, "Did you enjoy your Halloween"? Realizing the situation I responded, "Very much so", and didn't make any further comments. Yes Halloween is sort of a get out of jail free card.