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13 Aug 2017, 05:56 #1

I found this picture in my feed by https://dionisopunk.com/ . I don't know if it was his intention but to me this is a beautiful representation of crossdreaming 
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That is a great image!  This artist isn't the first one who has seen that there is another world of imagination, as real as our regular humdrum days and inherited preconceptions.

I believe this is why I love writers like Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and movie makers like Joss Whedon and Hayao Miyasaki: They draw the curtain aside and let us see what is on the other side, good or bad. In any case that will makes us richer persons.
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Ah yes! I was thinking about this picture for some days now.  All this business with other universes and selves.  In dreams, we are released from the body to see the other side.