Crossdreamers and Estrogen Use

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The correct Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) regime is:

- Start low dose estrogen.
- Blood checks after a couple of months.
- Slowly increase the dosage (over about a year) with regular blood checks.
- If testosterone levels do not drop then add a low dose T blocker, slowly increase that as required.

Estrogen alone will not drop testosterone naturally in many trans women (I have friend who's levels actually increased) so most need a T blocker as well.
Because of time lags it can take up to a year before you get to the correct E & T levels.

Physical effects will usually start to appear after a few months and can continue for up to 3 years (though usually about 18 months) before they level off. Hence you shouldn't do things like have FFS or have breast surgery until then.
Emotional effects...varies from person to person, in my case after about a year I just started to feel nice, calm, centred.

Blood tests are the key, everyone is different in how they react. Comparing notes with other trans women I know some that take lower doses of E and T blockers, and some that take a much higher one, even though our blood levels are all identical. And there is no way to predict that, you have to do it to find out.

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Excellent post 

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After 8 months of very low dose 
25mcg patches
No blockers
Breasts have changed structure, not so much in size as not large, but have become more solid
I may be one of the few , but libido is sky high with erections almost constant at night , whether that is  a t resection increase which can happen low dose e or the pure thought of starting to become a woman, I am simply not sure
I do seem more balanced though, happy, calm, content, clear thinking not raging , 
Also now wearing discreet female shirts to work which is very satisfying and soothing
My aim is too emulate Cheryl ie 
25mcg for 2 years 

But Cheryl looking at your vintage pictures and how totallyy stunning you were and are , I just do not know how you have never switched the transition switch

Different for me , but you , omg x

Although breasts are I think small a cup at moment I can feel the weight, and bra straps stretch when under load, there not just flesh fat now , they have shape and structure