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They certainly do!

I am afraid I am to fond of a good steak to follow your example completely. But I am trying to reduce the intake of carbs. Finding out that I am gluten sensitive has helped in that respect. The food industry add wheat and sugar to everything!

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Good one you diets are tuff. I just try to eat less and exercise more.

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Looking good, and happy Halloween!

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"Purple Haze" -- Jimi Hendrix

Reading Jack Halberstam (Judith), "Female Masculinity" . . .  discovering that gender dysphoria is the same feeling for both sexes. Of late it's sufficient for me to simply state that I'm "trans" and let people figure it out for themselves. A young cis-F looked at what I was reading and commented, "Ohhhhhhhhh, sure . . . I know a few of those." (butch dyke on the cover)

"Yeah, you're talking to one." -- LMAO
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