Keisis Vizsla

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Name and Aliases: Keisis Vizsla

Age/Date of Birth: 21

Homeworld: Concordia

Species/Sex: Mandalorian/Female

Hair/Eye Color: Black/emerald green

Scars/Disfigurements: Large slash scar down her back, small scar on her left cheek

Clothes/Armor: New Mandalorian/bounty hunter armor with jetpack

Force Sensitive: Yes (if allowed)

Wealth: middle class

Ship: 'Morut' siege walker/Bes'uliik (v3)

Droid: Green and gold astromech droid named R3-VR she calls him Reaver

Weapons: Customized Mandalorian Sniper and Blaster Rifle along with A grapling hook wrist tool (left wrist) and a rocket launcher/multi-tool (right wrist)

Accessories: Jet pack (no missile), stims, and a grenade pouch.

Faction: Mandalorian

Occupation: Scout/Sniper/Hunter

Rank: lower rank

Personality: In battle; hardcore, calm, cold, calculating, etc. Out of battle; calm, friendly, caring, helpful, hard working, etc.

Biography: From the age of six, Keisis was known in her community for her skilled marksman ship, she would often sneak off to the edge of the compound/village to snipe wild animals instead of doing her chores. around 10 she stopped slacking and started working hard so she had time to train her skills. When she was 12 she found an old Morut Walker in the forest, she spent the next 3 years secretly snatching up any unused parts to rebuild it and altered the concussion grenade launchers to fire any grenade. At 16 she went out on a group hunt, but she ended up not only separated from her group but she found herself in the nest of a Tarentatek. Her blaster rifle broken and her pistols not doing anything to the beasts hide, she was down to her sniper, she tried to keep her distance but didn't manage very well, the beast headbutted her and pinned most of her body down just as the other Mandalorians arrived, just as it opened its mouth to eat her she shoved the muzzle of the sniper into it's mouth and put at least ten blaster bolts in the beast's brain, this feat of survival and killing the Tarentatek, which was a great honor to hunt, labeled her a great warrior. The Vizsla clan soon handed her over to Mandalore for her amazing skill and prowess and let her bring her Morut walker along with her. She has since then worked hard to make Mandalore Proud.

Base picture (will redraw/commission my own drawing soon)
Keisis Vizsla Mandalorian Scout:
Accessory(ies): Mandalorian scouting suit, several different stims, wrist grappling hook (left wrist) and jet pack (no rocket)
Weapon(s): Customized Mandalorian sniper rifle, customized blaster rifle, dual Mandalorian heavy blaster pistols, grenades (up to 20 of each kind max, rarely has max except for plasma) wrist multi-tool with rocket launcher (right wrist)
Droid(s): A green and yellow astromech
Credits: unknown at this time
Ship(s): 'Morut' Siege Walker.
Current Status: At home base.
Will make Kaen the Destroyer later on (he's a sith stalker)


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As Mandalore, I applaud your courage for posting on an RP site that has been long dead. If by some stroke of luck we get some more interest from other members, we might start things back up again.

Again, thanks for the interest and spread the word.
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