Imperial Hunt

A world of rolling plains, grassy fields, and wide valleys. Due to the high winds that swept the planet's surface, the extensive animal life on the world adapted to ride the winds or withstand it on the ground. Plant life on the world was largely limited to low-standing shrubs and grasses, though there were small stands of trees dotting the landscape.

Imperial Hunt

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January 3rd, 2012, 11:19 pm #1

At the sound of the door opening Druko the bartender looked up from washing out mugs and a grin split his face.

"Oi, Tamaryn, long time, no see." He dropped his wet cloth back into the sink and reached for a couple of bottles of Wyvren's Reserve as Tamaryn Farlander sauntered up to the bar, Otto in tow.

"Hey, Druko. Yeah it's been awhile." She replied as she dropped some credcoins on the bar -- more than the drinks were worth. "But I recently heard a rumor that maybe I could find something I'm very interested in finding right here on Ansion." She took a swig of the drink and smiled with satisfaction.

"Who's your new friend?" Druko casually asked, indicating Otto, wringing out his bar cloth before using it to wipe the bar down with apparent nonchalance.

"Oh this is Otto; he's my new partner. He's a very forceful fellow." Tamaryn replied with equal casualness although she'd dropped her voice a few registers.

"You know, a lot's changed on Ansion since you were here last. You can probably find what you're looking for, but it could take awhile. Grab a booth and take a load off." Druko said before disappearing through the door behind his bar.

Tamaryn picked up her drink and headed for a dark corner booth, where she could "take a load off". As she slid into the seat Otto leaned in.

"You didn't tell me you had a contact on Ansion."

"What I haven't told you yet could probably fill a couple of holobooks." She winked.

She wasn't sure if Otto could even see her wink. No matter, he could hear it in her voice. Putting her feet up, Tamaryn settled in for a long wait. When Druko said it would take awhile he meant what he said.

Tamaryn's stifled yawns had become equal parts boredom and alcohol by the time they were approached and a hooded stranger joined her and Otto in the secluded booth. Apparently they'd all sensed each other out and for the moment everything was going to be nice and neutral. Since the cantina was in its full nightly swing of raucous patrons it took a minute for the server droid to bring the stranger's drink over. They all sat there in silence until the droid wheeled itself away. Their new companion shoved his hood back just far enough so Tamaryn and Otto could see his face and then he smiled rather cynically.

"If you've decided to switch your allegiance, you're timing's really bad." He commented. "It's a bit unhealthy in the Empire right now for beings like us."

"What if we told you we've come here to help you?" Otto ventured.

"I'd say you need to clean up your family feud first."

"The feud's over but we're keeping that knowledge in the family for now. We recently discovered some things that someone in charge here would be very interested in learningā€¦things of a dark nature."

The stranger's eyebrows shot up as he took in the meaning of Otto's words.

"We have our own problems in that area." The Imperial Knight seemed to weigh things and then came to a decision. "Yes, I think someone would be very interested in hearing what you have to say. But I'll have to clear it first. Wait here."

Tamaryn watched the IK slide out of the booth and disappear back into the crowd with a disgruntled expression.

"We're going to end up sleeping in this booth, aren't we?"
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Otto Hetzer
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Halfway through a game of holo-darts, the IK contact returned with another cloaked stranger in tow.

Once again they all filed into the booth. Otto noticed the new individual was a female.

Tamaryn spoke first. "Perhaps it's time for introductions...I'm Tamaryn."

"And I'm Otto."



Leia. The name sparked something in Otto's memory. Not history, but current affairs.

Tamaryn caught it first. "As in Leia...?" Rather than saying it outloud, she traced the letters on the table: F-E-L.

"That is correct."

Tamaryn and Otto traded glances.

This time Otto spoke. "This is rather unexpected. We thought you were dead."

Leia's eyes glanced around to the nearest booths and Otto caught the hint. He would make sure not to reveal too much, she was obviously on the lamb.

Picking up on their earlier code. "You know, the family would love to see you. We could arrange a get together so you could meet our father. As head of the household, he runs a lot of the family business. There's a lot we could talk about."

"It sounds nice and all, but Ansion is a bit out of the way. Travel isn't cheap. And with the war on, it's not exactly safe either. She leaned back in the booth. "Unless of course you could arrange travel."

Otto smiled. "Not a problem. Would it be just you, or do you have some siblings you'd like to invite?"

"Yes, I have a couple brothers and a sister who could come along, if it's no trouble."

Several hours later...

"So Leia, how did you manage to escape the purge?" Otto checked the nav coordinates that would take them all the way to Sanctuary.

"I have a step sister that bares a remarkable resemblance to me. We never got birth entitled me to all the trappings of nobility, whereas her's was always seen as something less...I was also father's favorite. Long story short, when the purge happened, I asked her if she would like to trade places. She agreed. Last I heard, she was still in Imperial Space under the watchful gaze of Emperor Flat."

"You haven't heard?" Otto asked and regretted it.

Leia paused for an instance. "How?"

"Gregor Flat. The official story is she was conducting terrorist activities and was involved in an assassination plot. Of course it also states that she was you, Princess Fel."

Tamaryn let got of the steering yoke as the ship slipped into hyperspace. "It's going to be a long trip. Plenty of time for all the details. We also have a lot to fill you in on with the Jedi, the schism, and the recent reunification..."
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