Battle for Tanaab

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Battle for Tanaab

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Current Plans
After the death of Governor Jaanis, Lantillies turns pro-Coalition, thus cutting off a quarter of the Perlemian for the Coaliton forces. The Hutts and Hapans, pysched with the recent success, persuade the Mon Cals, Wookiees, and Paladins to launch an offensive with their first target being Tanaab, a major agricultural planet and resource for the Core.

A Paladin/Hapan Force will launch out of Hapes for a surprise strike against Tanaab while Hutt/Kashyyyk/Mon Cal forces strike from Lantillies.

Hapan Thread: for prebattle posts

Tanaab Thread: for the actual battle (BIG space battle)
[b][color=green]Accessories:[/b][/color] Knife, holdout blaster, lucky charm, boost thrusters
[b][color=green]Weapons:[/b][/color] Mythosaur staff, Baragwin assault rifle, wrist mounted chemical launcher
[b][color=green]Droid:[/b][/color] HK-00 [b]
[/color] 952 [b]
[/color] [i]Skirata's Blade[/i] - Mandalorian Battleship
[b][color=green]Current Status:[/b][/color] Nar Shaddaa

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Hapes thread is our pre-Game thread

Before the Malestrom

We might carry this one on for a bit just to give us a little buffer between battles. Time for dialog and character interaction. Kiera and Jag should be showing up sometime.