Attack on Corellia

A rebellious world, Corellia is often involved in many of the galaxy's crises. It is also known to spurn heroes- including Wedge Antilles and Han Solo.

Attack on Corellia

Viktor Saar
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January 9th, 2012, 8:55 pm #1

"Gunnery Chief, I want SRT's on that Hutt ship now."

The gunnery chief, commanding officer of the Celestial Kiss' gunnery stations, gave Rear Admiral Saar a careworn stare.

Saar held his ground. "Chief, I need that space clear, do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

Saar held his gaze for a few moments longer to make sure the point was made, then turned his attention to his tactical officer. "Lieutenant Mallis, prepare our Star Falcon squadon for launch." He glanced toward communcations, "Lieutenant Petera, inform all ships in our fleet to prep all Star Falcons for launch and wait for my mark."

More 'yes sirs' echoed on the bridge as Saar roamed between stations. Outside Galactic Alliance ships were being torn to pieces by conglomeration of Hutt, Hapan, Wookiee, Mon Cal, and a dozen other Outer Rim world task forces. It was easier to identify foes by their non-uniformity than actual vessel type.

The hodge podge of ships also created a chaotic combination of tactics. While Hutt vessels closed in for close kills, Hapan Battle Dragons kept their distance and pounded away from afar with their powerful LRT batteries. Numerous starfighter squadrons were angling for attack runs while small clouds of fighters engaged in personal dogfights.

There were remnants of two fleets tied down around Corellia itself: Corellia's Home Fleet, and the GAN's 6th fleet. Neither of them were at full strength with the majority of their units out on patrol. All around them was, at best estimates, three full strength Coalition fleets. Saar's fleet had only been in-system for 10 minutes and he still couldn't figure out if this was a massive raid or a serious gambit to take control of Corellia.

There's no way the Coalition can expect to take Corellia. They cannot afford the manpower to assault the planet. At best, they plan to wipe out the fleets here and create a blockade, drawing manpower away from Anaxes and creating two points from which to strike at Coruscant. Saar's mind pondered over the situation. And if it's a simple raid in force...the real question now is who is in charge?

A Paladin commander could steer the Coalition forces to victory, because Saar knew the GAN didn't have any Loyalists on hand. There wasn't any in his fleet, and what Jedi the 6th Fleet had were out on the Corellian Run for routine patrols.

"Sir, all Star Falcon squadrons are prepped and ready for your command."

Viktor snapped out of his reverie and looked up at the outside viewport. The blackness of space could barely be seen with all the fast moving fighters, lumbering dreadnaughts, and multitudes of colorful laser fire.

He was gambling a lot on the Star Falcons. It was the only shifter up his sleeve.

"Launch the Star Falcons, inform squadron commanders to seek targets of opportunity."

Somewhere another chorus of 'yes sirs' was echoing, but Saar was already trying to imagine the chaos he was injecting into the sea of madness outside. The Star Falcons were the latest starfighters in the GAN's arsenal. They were without equal the fastest starfighters in the galaxy. And this would be their trial by fire.

Never before had a Star Falcon been tested in real combat.

What better place than the Battle for Corellia. Saar watched as a blur of long, sleek fighter zoomed by the bridge. He couldn't quite muster a smile. Victory was too obscene to even imagine at this point.

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October 19th, 2012, 11:39 pm #2

"Gett leader, I've got an X on my tail."

"Hang in there, Gett six." Gett leader pulled his fighter into gentle loop, bringing his orientation around toward Gett six and his pursuer.

Odd. That Xt4 doesn't look right. "Squib, magnify this target."

Gett leader pulled a secondary targeting reticle over the enemy starfighter. His onboard astromech magnified the image in the lower left corner of his viewscreen. While similar to the Xt4, this X-wing was twice as long and with a sleeker profile. Numbers began spilling across the screen as Squib ran various statistics on the unknown craft.

"That can't be right. No ship is that fast."

The enemy starfighter was flying three times faster than a Bes'uliik and according to the data, the engines weren't even hot.

"That's impossible." Gett leader shook his head. "Stick in there, Gett six. I'm coming."

Gunning his engines to maximum and negating shield power for extra speed, Gett leader dove in toward the unknown craft, hoping for a long range missile lock.

But the enemy ship was too fast. Gett six erupted into a ball of flame.

Beep boop beep wooooo.

Gett leader checked the ship communicator to see what his astromech was saying. Two more starfighters lost: Gett two and Gett five.

Then another.

And another.

Then his console pinged.

Enemy on our six.

"Cut speed and full shields to the rear." Gett leader snapped into a barrel roll then looped up sharps and veered into another angle. Another sharp loop, and he was fully oriented in the opposite direction. "Ha! Lost you! Might be fast but you can't maneuver for..."

Gett leader's starfighter exploded into gas and ions. He had lost his pursuer, but flew right into the path of another Star Falcon.

The fastest starfighters fighters in the galaxy were tearing through the battlefield with complete immunity. Too fast for enemy gunners to target. Too fast for computer targeting systems to form a missile lock. And the pure speed of the ships were perfect for strafing runs. One after another, they made sweeps of death through the battlefield. Starfighters exploded in imaginary corridors amongst the invisible coordinates in space. Empty paths were created in the congested clouds of starfighter swarms. Soon all the Coalition fighters were breaking off from their standard targets and reorienting on the new foes.
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Viktor Saar
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October 20th, 2012, 12:49 pm #3

One squadron wasn't enough. Even as the Star Falcons savaged the battlefield uncontested, GAN corvettes, pickets, and dreadnaughts exploded with increasing regularity. The Coalition forces were too numerous, and their tactics to eclectic to effectively deal with.

"Sir, incoming from Admiral Salabaster."

Saar held back a sigh. "Patch it through."

Salabaster, a member of the snake like Sluissi species, appeared in miniature holo. "Admiral Saar, we're outnumbered, our forces are dwindling. We need to pull back and concentrate our forces."

"Agreed. Do you have a vector in mind?"

Coordinates began appearing on the tactical monitor. "Our forces can best pull out along this heading. It's our best shot."

"I'll issue orders immediately to my fleet. The Star Falcons can help cover our withdrawal. We'll need to hold out as long as we can until reinforcement arrive."

"Let us hope it comes soon." The holo blinked out.

Saar looked up at his crew and was glad to see everyone was too busy at their stations to ease drop. "Lieutenant Mallis, new orders. Admiral Salabaster has given us an exit vector. Have all ships fight their way toward it. We're regrouping away from Corellia. We're to hold out for reinforcements. Have the Star Falcons do what they can to cover us."

Mallis nodded his head and dove into his work, issuing rapid commands and pulling up various tactical screens.

Saar checked the readouts again. His forces where down to 83% effectiveness. Salabaster was down to 68% original strength. Combined, they were now outnumbered three to one.

"Sir! Coalition ships are breaking off." Petera's voice broke through the noise of the bridge. "Confirmed, sir, enemy ships are disengaging and breaking off their attack."

"So it was a raid." Saar close his eyes for a moment of thanks. "Stick to our current vector and continue to regroup. Prepare all shuttles and starfighters for rescue operations. Get parties organized to help out the engineers with emergency ship repairs." Saar eased back in command chair and scanned the battlefield.

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