Crates - Useless ?

Joined: 5:21 PM - Nov 04, 2017

5:31 PM - Nov 04, 2017 #1

I'm apple9261, and I'm one of the richest person of the server, in tokens and in money. When you're new to the server, the crates are "cool", but when you get to a certain point like when you have "Lucky Mining" on your pick (WHICH IS NOT HARD TO GET), what are the ----15 TOKENS--- you get from the rarest crate on the server? Absolutly nothing. It can give.. 5 Quad too. 5 Quad ? Wow, impressing too! Only the kits and pickaxes are interesting, and at my plot, there's absolutely nothing interesting in the Creepas Crate, except the Creepas Kit. 
I think that you should either do better rewards (and it will help probably too much new people) OR create a new warp crate that you can use when you're P15+ only, with better reward. 
I really think it's a problem because most people on the server are rich (quitillions) and have Lucky Mining, so what's the point of crates ?