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Round 3: Finale
(Stipulation: "To Infinity Match": Fighters will fight in an octagon cage structure with the usual door and ability to climb the mesh-to-outside.

The match will not stop (i.e. hours... days... weeks... years...) untill one of the opponets drops to both kneels outside the octagon structure- declaring mercy.

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King: This is it, the grand daddy of the night, one of the next two men will follow in the giant footsteps of last years Interfederation Champion, Cerberus.

JR: They’re some tough boots to fill though King, but I’m sure we’re going to see both men give it their all here tonight.

As the crowd is ready for what will be a colossal battle the lights begin to lower with a couple of spotlights illuminating the mesh octagon that encircles the ring. A formidable structure for even the most hardened of warriors, as the spotlights on the structure fade one single flame is lit on the stage, the flame grows bigger until it’s roughly six feet high and then with a massive explosion in the total darkness a figure appears knelt down on the stage on one knee.

<font size=3>…Bong…


With that another explosion rocks the arena as the lights flicker back on and on the stage is the demonic figure that is…Overkill. CreatureMania V has been an eventful…event for him, losing the tag titles through no fault of his own, and going through the Interfed tournament without so much as a negative point about his performances.

JR: These two were team mates in round one, they made a very impressive team as they saw off Conner Pravus and Gideon, but now it’s time ladies and gentlemen, this time they face each other, first to kneel down on the outside, well King…

King: Well…They lose, it’s that simple.

JR: Overkill tonight has fought Khoi Hateshi, Conner Pravus, Gideon and Crymzon Payne, two of those are members of his own faction, The Elite. This shows how much the tournament means to this cold hearted machine.

King: Overkill’s beaten all but Hellraiser, Astin, James Dean and Gojinn here tonight. That’s more than anyone can usually boast…

JR: Yes but his opponent here has also beaten Gideon and Pravus, not once….but twice!

Overkill gets to his feet on the stage and slowly walks down the ramp, as fire envelops him from either side, the flames recede due to his chilly aura that simply beats them away when they near Overkill’s pale, almost ill skin. He gets to the ring and with one motion his wing rips out from his shoulder and beats, snubbing the flames around him and beating the heat into the crowd leaving the front rows a lot warmer than they’d like to be. Overkill slowly places himself back down inside the meshed prison.

King: Overkill’s having a good look at his surroundings here, making sure he’s not underestimating his environment…

JR: Somehow King I think that cold calculated mind isn’t working that out, it’s planning the best ways to hurt Hellraiser in this structure.

Overkill walks over to the mesh, with his cold bony, pale hand he grabs the mesh, tugging at it to test it’s strength, he smiles a vile set of teeth to himself as he turns around just as his music cuts out.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, weighing in at Three Hundred Pounds, from Parts Unknown….OVERKILL!!!

The crowd doesn’t show their affection for Overkill, a loud chorus of boo’s eminate from the whole crowd, a wall of unappreciative shouts hit Overkill, but the Cold Man, as ever, remains emotionless, completely un-nerved. Then something unexpected happens, Overkillwalks toward shte side nearest Lillian Garcia, she throws the microphone into the Octagon and Overkill catches it, the cold man then looks up to the ramp and with his hoarse, deep voice he slowly says something, something that would strike fear into any opponents heart…

“Hellraiser…No-one can beat me… “

The crowd roars with jeers again…


With that Overkill crushes the microphone in his hand, the pieces of metal and plastic drop to the canvas of the ring as Overkill kicks it way, the crowd is ready, Overkill is ready.

King: We’re only waiting for one man now…

JR: The man that only has to beat Overkill to be Interfed Champion. The only man that stands in Overkill’s way of being the Interfed Champion…

King: A somewhat…Unenviable man then…

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<embed src="http://www.geocities.com/kanes_doll/Hellraiser.swf" height="300"width="400"loop=true autostart=true>

<embed src="" loop=true hidden=true autostart=true>

*The lights in the arena go dark as the sold out crowd are waiting for the last participant of the Interfed tournament finale to make his presence felt. Then the through the PA it plays Burn in my Light by Mercy Drive as Hellraiser walks out and the crowd goes completely nuts for the newly won Intercontinental Champion. Hellraiser raises his belt high in the air as the crowd cheers and cheers with some even a standing ovation for the new champ.*

Tazz: There he is my main man, and the Intercontinental Champion Hellraiser!

JR: Oh yeah why don't you go off and introduce him instead.

Tazz: Hey maybe I will...

*Tazz got up and took the mic from Lilian.*

Tazz: Ladies and Gentlemen may I have to honor to introduce not only your ECF half DP but the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION HELLLLLLLRAIISERRRRR!!!!!!!!!

*Some of the fans went nuts and the other half were booing him because he stole it from Wolf earlier. Hellraiser walked down the ramp and fireworks burst down as he ran down toward the octagon ring and stopped at the end of the ramp as a huge ECF firework burst. Hellraiser then walked over and actually climbed over the octagon cell and dropped to the ring below.*

King: That really shows Hellraiser is pumped up he didn't even use the door that the ref was holding open he climbed the octagon pretty quickly instead.

JR: Well basically this is an I quit match except more painful and you got a 15 foot man made structure made of steel.

Cole: That and the first one the beg, I mean like actually get down to their knees loses.

*Hellraiser started taunting Kill as Kill did the same.*

Tazz: Well these two men last time in the ring were tag team partners and they did one heck of a job on Gideon and Conner Pravus, who were ironically both eliminated from this tourny by Hellraiser.

Cole: Well Hellraiser I believe has the momentum in this match. He's coming from four big wins in a row. That's including that Intercontinental title match.

Ding Ding Ding
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King: Well the two goliaths here are just circling each other waiting for one another to make the first move…

Overkill advances with the first punch, right into the face of Hellraiser who takes it in his stride and fires one straight back to Overkill, neither man backs down. Hellraiser quickly hits another fist to the face and another, Overkill steps backwards with the strength the punches are thrown at, Hellraiser grabs Overkill’s hand and whips him into the ropes, Hellraiser charges in kneeing Overkill in the gut as soon as he bounce back off the ropes. Overkill curls over after receiving that hit, he stands back up but again receives a big fist to the face from Hellraiser. Overkill stumbles backwards and Hell raiser charges straight at him, BUT OVERKILL GRABS HELLRAISER AND WITH EASE TOSSES HELLRAISER INTO THE SIDE OF THE OCTAGON CAGE WITH A BELLY TO BELLY THROW!!

Hellraiser smashes into the mesh and drops down behind the ropes, he fights back up using the ropes to support him, as Hellraiser gets to his feet in between the ropes and cage he looks over to his opponent but he cannot do anything but watch as Overkill CHARGES IN AND THROUGH THE ROPES OVERKILL SPEARS HELLRAISER’S STOMACH CRUSHING IT AGAINST HIS SHOULDER AND THE METAL FRAME OF THE OCTAGON! Hellraiser slumps chest first onto the top rope, Overkill pulls him back into the ring with authority and then chops Hellraiser in the chest.

King: This is a mauling from Overkill, two high impact moves in a row and you can tell Hellraiser’s feeling it.

JR: He sure is King, but the Hellraiser we know won’t just stay down. Something tells me we’re going to see a lot more high impact in this match, it’s a little one sided now but that won’t be the story for too long…

Overkill whips Hellraiser into the ropes, Hellraiser bounces back looking for a clothesline but Overkill beats him to it and takes the IC champion down. As Hellraiser lies on his back looking up at the bright lights he watches as the imposing figure of Overkill stands over him and with a big boot Overkill kicks Hellraiser SQUARE IN THE HEAD! Overkill kicking Hellraiser’s head like a football there! Overkill lifting him back to his feet and hitting a few shots to the chest and ribs of Hellraiser, Overkill going for one last jab BUT HELLRAISER GRABS HIS FIST AND WITH RAW POWER HELLRAISER HITS OVERKILL IN THE FACE WITH OVERKILL’S OWN FIST! Overkill staggers backwards, caught off guard by Hellraiser’s unorthodox attack there. Hellraiser, hurting from that kick, leaps forwards and kicks Overkill square in the gut, Overkill hunches over and Hellraiser steps back and then gives himself a one-step run up and HELLRAISER WITH ALL HIS POWER AND SPEED KICKS OVERKILL RIGHT IN THE FACE!!! OVERKILL IS SENT SPRAWLING OUT ON THE CANVAS AFTER THE KICK!

Hellraiser holds his hands up taunting Overkill and playing to the crowd’s hate of Overkill, he goes over to the cold man and drops to his knees, he then clenches his fist and smashes Overkill in the head not once but twice in the head, right where he kicked him. Overkill rolls onto his gut but Hellraiser gets back to his feet and bounces into the ropes before bouncing back and elbow dropping Overkill on his spine. Overkill’s now being manhandled in this match as Hellraiser lifts him up to his feet.

Overkill grabs Hellraiser by the throat as he is lifted to his feet but Hellraiser smashes Overkill’s arm out of the way and grabs Overkill hitting AN STO! OVERKILL’S BACK IS SMASHED INTO THE CANVAS!! Overkill is lifted straight back by Hellraiser, he whips Overkill into the ropes but Overkill manages to hold onto the ropes, Hellraiser runs over to the cold man looking for a clothesline but Overkill moves! Hellraiser’s arm which went for the clothesline smashes into the cage! Overkill, as quick as he can, grabs Hellraiser’s arm and proceeds to wrench it, he then hits an arm drag on the ECF DP.

JR: Overkill sees a weakness and goes for it, you may not like the man but you have to realise that he’s got great in-ring perception.

King: And if you don’t realise that, he’ll probably kill you. Just as Jack E Breaker, Cerberus and Generation X.

Hellraiser gets to his feet shaking his arm trying to get some feeling into it, Overkill charges at him and Hellraiser sidesteps and GRABS OVERKILL HEAD THROWING HIM FACE FIRST INTO ONE OF THE METAL SUPPORTS OF THE OCTAGON CAGE!!! OVERKILL’S HEAD DENTS THE SOLID STEEL BAR!!!! Overkill drops to the canvas holding his face as Hellraiser goes over and proceeds to stomp away at the head of the cold man. Overkill pulls himself up to his feet slowly in the corner but is preoccupied with getting up to see Hellraiser charging across the ring…HELLRAISER RUNS INTO OVERKILL SMASHING HIS KNEE INTO THE CHEST OF THE FALLEN ANGEL!

Overkill slumps in the corner, Hellraiser picks him up and pulls him a little distance away from the corner, they are near the ropes and Hellraiser hooks the cold man’s arm looking to lift him up for a suplex…Hellraiser lifts Overkill but Overkill manages to somehow drop back down to his feet, Hellraiser tries for another suplex lifting Overkill a little off the floor…<font size=4>BUT OVERKILL MANAGES TO USE THE SECOND ROPE TO SPRING HIMSELF OVER HELLRAISER AND USING HELLRAISER’S OWN SUPLEX OVERKILL HITS A NECKBREAKER ON HELLRAISER AS HE COMES BACK DOWN ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HIM!!!</font>

Overkill just drilled Hellraiser with a brilliant and spontaneous move and Hellraiser’s down on the canvas as is Overkill, the first man to his feet could have the edge.


JR: That was great thinking by Overkill, a desperation move, but one that could have opened this match up for either man!

Overkill begins to stir…