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January 16th, 2016, 7:47 pm #1

As the tour of Diper's saggy tits ended, with another tough orgy with Specturd and TDR to boot as well, Kane00 stumbles back to the bath house. Slumped onto a bench, staring down into his bag full of sexy toys and an issue of CCW Uninteresting, looking for the spread with Devilz Angel's naked 500lb frame which rivals Goldykes, which has helped him through his recent period of fucking queer twinks such as Conner. Which had caused him to take a massive caca diarrhea shit on Diper's saggy titties. Which additionally caused him to go on an extended "hiatus" (actually I was in jail for indecent exposure at a kindergarden. He sighed as he looked towards the camera clearly high on NyQuil....... and sniffing Diper's cunt.

Kane00: it's taken a while for me to accept my faggotry but here I am! Funny story for the nerds out there, after retaining the Intercontinental Championship for the one billion time in the past 8 years since we don't have enough players and I am included in Diper's inner circle of orgies, I have no idea what is going on I am so high, suddenly; oh. And for the dumbshits on DWF, this is referred to as a "shoot" by the way... yeah, you know 'wrestling'? I know it must be hard to understand that since we are a vampire the masquerade and Diper has no idea how to run an actual e-fed, I felt a large black penis pulsate through my body btw. Does this sound like a idiot writing a piece of shit? Yes? GOOD! That's what I was hoping for. Well I felt emotionally like a queer. Constant blowjobbing and having my fatass pounded takes its toll on all of us. Heck, no matter if you hate us or hate us, every single one of us sucks and causing fans to leave the auditorium asking for their money back. But we all have gay lives outside the ring. I have a beautiful gay man I call my 'partner', my amazing man and three awesome assortment of Diper dolls for orgies with the rest of the roster. OK, I do take them to a majority of shows on my tour bus, but it's nice for us to have some time at home to fascinate fucking Diper in the ass with my gay man. Oh and if all of these reasons for awaling wasn't believable- you will believe this then... we simply grew bored of DWF and lost all motivation to play on this shitpile.

I was taken to see the doctor for my faggotry. Who then examined me and mentioned that I was suffering from AIDS and Diperinitus. For those who have had those signs, will know how black dildos feel. Especially when you feel like a failure most of the time- I mean, wow. I fucking work at a comic store and I never finished high school and live with my parents AND I fucking play here of all places! I hate my life. I've been on a course of antidepressants, CBT sessions (that's Constant Blowjob Time for you dumbshit DWF players out there...) to help combat my faggotry and been on a course of DDPYOGA (I just made that shit up- man you believe anything I say huh?) to help fight off any needs to pulsate Diper's rusty tits. I've spent a lot of time with my partners.... oh wait, I already gave you excuses for awaling on DWF because this place is sooooo fuckkkkkkinnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg boring!!! FOR THE LOVE OF DEVILZ LARD CHANGE THE GODDAMN FONT COLORS.. DO SOMETHING..... ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON THIS BORING DEAD BOARD!

Well anyway... blame my turrets. So now, I suppose you're all wondering why I've been working Diper's ass in this bath house, afterall this place is for gays? Well I have connections with a certain faggot( *snaps his fingers*) and through DWF looking to suck some more, some of us have been on tour for a few years. To a decade. Heck, exactly a fucking year ago, a few of us, okay the entire roster, failed at a massive 2 way interbisexual orgy for the DWF. But we miss the action in front of our own DWF faggots.

Trust me when I tell you, we will be back to suck more cock and bang Diper's stale old tits. I will be back and the DWF will be back on top once again as the premier cocksucking organisation (Edit: It's 'organization' you stupid high school drop out.) in the whole Mother FUCKING DARK CORNER OF THE INTERNET WHERE NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT US!