Swim With The Fishes

Swim With The Fishes

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Swim With The Fishes

This is a very animation intensive tutorial, but I believe I've written it so it's easy enough for even a beginning tagger or animator.
You will need:

~~PSP any version, I use X3
~~Animation Shop
~~Mermaid Tube of choice - I've used "Rhonda" by Spazz which can be purchased at her store HERE. Please don't use without a license. I just love that dolphin!
~~Template - Millie's template 575 HERE
~~Mask - your choice or Vix_Mask001 HERE which I used. Put into your masks folder.
~~Filters - Redfield Water Ripples
~~Supplies - Includes a mini FTU scrapkit I created, & the fish animation Download the zip file HERE. These supplies are not to be used in any other tutorial or shared. Please follow my TOU included.

Tutorial abbreviations:
AS = Animation Shop
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
r/s = resize
f/f = flood fill

**NOTE - the animation was created using the exact sizes of everything from steps 1 - 7, tube excluded. If you change the size of the tag, you must change the size of the animation the same or it won't run properly.

1. Open Millie's template, duplicate and close original, r/s 87%. Delete credit layer and layer 10. Highlight the white background layer and add a new raster layer, select all. Open pp01 and paste into selection. Layers, find Vix_Mask001 and apply, merge group. Open the sea floor and c/p it as a new layer and move it down (Reference my tag above).

2. Open your tube, r/s it so the it's 575 px on the longest side. C/p your tube onto the template as the top layer. Position it so that the center circle (layer 9) is covered by it. Once set, you can delete the circle and hide your tube.

3. Highlight layer 1, then s/sa/fl/defl, add a new layer. In your materials palette make a foreground/background linear gradient of two colors from your tube; I used #4e4d66 and #817e9f. Set the angle to 135 and repeats 4 with invert checked and f/f your new layer. Select none. Add d/s of 2, 2, 5.00, 35.

4. R/s the included pp01 75%. Highlight layer 2 and s/sa/fl/defl, then c/p pp01 as a new layer; invert; delete. Add d/s of 2, 2, 5.00, 35

5. Highlight layer 4 and merge down with layer 3, then s/sa/fl/defl. Open pp02 and r/s 50%, paste it as a new layer, selections invert and delete, select none. Repeat this same step with layers 6 & 5, and pp03 and add d/s of 2, 2, 5.00, 35 to all.

6. Be sure your tube is hidden and at the top of your layer palette, hide the two circles as well and merge visible. Unhide the circles only.

7. Merge the two circle layers (7 & 8) together and s/sa/fl/defl. C/p the included ocean as a new layer, invert and delete, select none. Duplicate this layer, and merge the original down with the previously merged layers - this will be your guide for the animation. Rename this layer "Background".

Grab the included ship window, c/p it to cover one of the circles. Duplicate, and slide this layer over to cover the other circle. (Don't use 'mirror' because the refractions will be on opposite sides and that would look silly). Merge down and add a d/s of 2, 2, 5.00, 35.

8. Duplicate the duplicated water layer 3 more times for a total of 4 un-merged water layers. Rename the 4 layers water1, water2, water3, and water4, hide all but water1. On water1, find your Redfield filter 'ripples' and use the following settings:

Hide water 1 & unhide water 2, repeat the above changing only the flicker to 66, then to 33 on water3, & to 4 on water4. Hide water4 once again and unhide water 1.

9. Use my tag as reference for placement of all of the elements.

10. Highlight the ship windows layer. Open the various sea grasses and c/p them until you have a row of them across your tag surface (I duplicated each once for a total of 4), merge these together and add a d/s of 5, 5, 5.00, 35. Duplicate this layer 3x more for a total of 4 grass layers. Rename them grass1, grass2, grass3, grass4. X out 2, 3 & 4.

Highlight grass1; under effects find Distortion effects & then wave. Use the following setting:

Hide grass1 now & unhide & highlight grass2, repeat wave changing only the wavelength to 40. Repeat on the other 2 layers reducing the wavelength to 30 & then 20. Hide grass4 again and unhide grass1.

11.C/p both sea clusters as above. Duplicate each one and add a Gaussian Blur of 3.00, change the blend mode to hard light. Add a d/s of 5, 5, 5.00, 35 to the original layers
*C/p the anemone and repeat the d/s.
*C/p the sea glass, repeat the d/s
*C/p the sea sparkles.

12. Once you're happy with the placement of your elements, crop any excess white bg layer. Resize if desired, but REMEMBER to resize the fish animation once you open it up the same amount. Add your artist's © information and your name.

13. Open Animation Shop and the included SWTF Fish animation, delete the credits and you'll have 12 frames of swimming fish.

14. Back in psp, hide all layers except your merged Background layer, highlight this layer. Edit, copy, & move to AS, paste as a new animation. Duplicate this layer (Edit, duplicate selected) until you have 12 frames. Move to the fish animation and select all and then copy, move to the background frames, select all and then paste into selected frame. Line up the black circles of the fish animation with the water circles and left click on your mouse to release. Run this so you can be sure it works, and then move it down to make room for the next step. Close the fish animation.

15. Move back to psp again and hide the merged background layer. Be sure that layer 2, 3 & 4 of both the water and the sea grasses are hidden, and water1 and grass1 are showing.
--Edit, copy merged and move to AS and paste as a new animatiion.
--Back to psp, hide grass1 and water1 layers, unhide grass2 and water2. Copy merged and move to AS, paste after current frame.

Repeat these steps with the remaining 2 grass and water layers, and stay in AS.

16. You now have 4 frames in AS, but you need 12. Move the slider at the bottom of the frames all the way to the left (on frame 1), Edit, select all and then copy. Move the slider all the way to the right and tap on frame 4 to select it. Edit and paste after current frame. Again, move the slider all the way to the right and tap on frame 8 to select it, Edit and paste after current frame. You now have 12 frames.

17. Once again select all & copy. Pull up the background frames with the fish animation, select all and then paste into selected frames. Place the ship windows right on top of the black outline circles that hold the animation, and tap to release. Select all once more, click Animation and change the frame properties to 25. Run your animation to be sure it's nice and smooth.

Hint - if you find that your animations are very grainy or pixelated after you save them, a likely fix for this problem is to adjust your optimization settings. Click HERE for an excellent tutorial on how to reset them. For the purpose of this tutorial, start reading at the 3rd screen shot.

Once optimized and running smoothly, save your tag as a gif file.


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Gorgeous tag Shirl!

Thanks for sharing the tut




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Great tutorial!!!

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