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Star of Summer

This is a quick and easy fun tut

You will need:

~~Tube of choice - I've used a brand new tube from Spazz, "Maggie", which you can purchase at her store HERE. Please don't use without a license.
~~FTU Scrapkits "Mini Colorful Day" by Neferwene HERE & "From The Heart" papers by Chas HERE. Thank you ladies!!
~~Mask - Vix_mask147 & Vix_mask148 which you can find HERE
~~Filter - Penta Color Dot
~~Font - DIY & Coral (a PTU font)
~~Gradient HERE. Put this in your gradients folder in your psp files

Tutorial abbreviations:
s/sa/fl/defl/ = Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat
c/p = copy & paste
d/s = drop shadow
f/f = flood fill
r/s = resize

1. Create a new image 650x650 and f/f with white.

2. Select all and add a new layer. Open FTHPaper2 from Chas' mini kit and c/p into the selection, select none. Find Vix_mask147 in your masks folder and apply it, merge group. Repeat this step with Paper7 and mask148.

3. Open the Mini Colorful Day folder and open ele4, r/s to 600 width. C/p as a new layer onto your canvas. Add d/s of 2, 2, 5.00, 35.

4. Open and r/s your tube to 600 px tall, c/p as a new layer moving it to the right side. Duplicate tube, add a Gaussian Blur of 3 and change the blend mode to soft light. Add the same d/s as step 3.

5. Grab your text tool and find the font DIY. In your materials palette set your foreground to white, and your background with the included gradient with the following settings:

Set the size to 120 and the stroke width to 2.0, type out the word STAR. I ended up grabbing the nodes and stretching it out even more to achieve the size in my tag. Convert it to a raster layer and apply Penta color dot. Grab your magic wand and tap outside of the text, then expand your selection by 2 and invert. In the Colorful Day mini kit, grab pp2 and r/s it to 500x500. C/p this as a new layer and drop below your text, moving it until you like the colors showing through, invert, delete and select none.

6. Highlight the text layer and tap inside of the letter S with your magic wand. C/p your tube, drop it underneath the letter and position it as you like it. Repeat this step with each layer using different sections of your tube showing through. When done, merge the tube layers together and change the blend mode to hard light. Duplicate it, add a Gaussian Blur of 5 to this layer and change the blend mode to overlay. Hide every other layer and merge all of the text layers together. Add a d/s of 2,2, 4.00, 78.

7. Now grab your script font and put a color from your tube in the Background and black in your Foreground. Change the stroke width to 1 and type of "of summer", add a d/s of 2, 2, 5.00, 35 to this text. Add your name now if you like with the same font.

8. We all have sparkles or glitter from a gazillion scrapkits, so grab your favorite and c/p as a new layer just above the multi star layer. Add your artist's copyright info and you're all set with your HOT Summer tag!


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