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jk lol

Version 2.4

-If you relog, you were teleported to the void.
-Camo still did the thing where people have to blunt themselves.
-Stone did not work.
-Horse naming bug.
-Blunt fixes. Blunt bugged icons like making a female into a male.
-Water did not spawn properly under a new area
-Pull bug fixed, it was possible to dupe items
-Pull from across the map fixed
-Farmer animals did not spawn tame
-Cocoapods were not dense

-Opacity removed for trees.
-Tree Seeds go directly to inventory
-Case of light results in loss of stamina.
-Excowlibur added for the king... (Strength of 16... Gold sword has 11)
-Abandon mob. You can respawn after you are dead for 3 minutes.
-Blunting a camo hunter makes them lose their disguise
-Zombies cannot speak properly.
-Peasants, Necro, Chemist, Mage, Guards spawn with all tools
-Cook spawns with a hoe, shovel, knife
-Rest of the classes need to rely on the other classes to make tools or supply the labor
-Knights spawn with their equipment
-Guards spawn with their equipment
-Necro's zombies can no longer attack da masta
-Necro, priest, chemist, mage now have keys to lock their residences at spawn
-Edited layout of jail so people aren't stuck.
-Cook now gets his own key.
-Royal Garden added
-Jester no longer spawns with a royal key. Why should he have that key when knights don't?
-Jester now spawns in a private den with his own key
-Priests can now heal somebody's health
-Magic now causes the user's hud to update right away so you can see your new sleepiness right away
-Magic is grouped into it's own verb category
-Fisherman added.
-Woodcrafter added.
-Redid the way modes are selected. Peasants no longer use the kingdom map
-Vote system now randomizes a winner in case of a tie
-You can no longer go up layers when there is solid material above
-Necromancer now gets a kill minion and telepathy spell
-Mage gets a heal spell

Major Changes
-Kingdoms. The coastal paradise of Cowmalot has appeared to spread it's influence throughout the world


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I missed you Excowlibur.

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Speaking of old things that were removed, how DID you even jump on people's heads back in the day? I always wondered that.
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