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17 Mar 2012, 02:20 #1

Why don't make the game with out admins? Good ideal not? Because I never ever get griefed for a player... All of good that admins do is boot peoples with no RP name.
They do shits and call it SRP, the game have a good idea, it could be really pretty if have a single player version, just to play with out admins, I get mad this afternoon because in this medieval game a admin start a SRP with electrical fences, he put it arround bovinia to don't let peoples out. So I dig down and go to forest cause I think that it suck... electrical fence in medieval age.... limiting the map to just few squares... what RP this have?
So I RP a little in forest, make a under earth house to me, take some horses and decide go back to bovinia, so I make some walls and start building a bridge to enter bonivinia, I make it, back to take the horse and when I walk up I die... adimin spawned electrical fences to kill me....
Funny not? I Have a lot of fun... And more... if you talk a walk around the damn fence can see a lot of boddys.... this is not funny...
So I start talking in occ about this... to see if I can found a reason in this SRP... I can't. =/

The list of shits is big... all admins hate me, and now I'm hier posting to they...
I think that NRG and DrakeEx could remember me... they make me stop playing for one year...
Now I back and don't see they... so think about play... but... some admins change... the shits not.

So I will leave hier my little suggestion, choice if this game is a personal game just to you and your friends admins or if you want peoples to play it... because like I said other times... this game for now is just to admins... they choice all... they are unbreakable...

This is all bye and like said in game see you guys in hell, we all go to this place...
This game have a good idea, but it sucks at the SRPs and the admins bullshits, permaban me for my opinion...

Bye for more one or two years

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17 Mar 2012, 02:40 #2


Royal Archer
Royal Archer
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17 Mar 2012, 02:44 #3

I explained to you that building walls on top of fences so you can build over them is bug abuse, it doesn't make sence to build thick wood walls over metal poles. All round, people ran into the fences, attacked them, ignored them, ect. Groups reacted differently to it, but all you see is that it's not a normal round, so you have to complain and get your undies all in a bunch. The electric fence SRP was kind of harsh, but limiting building/living space makes the game interesting.

As towards your suggestion, which is difficult to find in your complaint/rant: single player is pointless for a true BYOND RPG. Cow RP is built ro revolve around character interactions, not free building.

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17 Mar 2012, 19:38 #4

I surrounded the kingdom with electric fences to promote roleplay, and some people dealt with it beautifully! I had to log, but Dieter told me how Royal was worshipping it, the mages teamed together to destroy it, whereas others simply ignored it and remained confined. There were so few people on that I figured confinement at the very least would be a good idea. Can't roleplay with anyone if everyone's scattered across the seven seas, now can you?

As for all the admins hating you, that's bull and you know it. Some of us might get irritated with you, but I've seen no evidence supporting the claim that we collectively hate you. Personally, my issues lie with your attitude. You're a poor sport. If the round is going exactly as you expected, then you rant and rave and complain. Before I logged out, you were abusing report with how upset you were over the fences.

Some advice? Learn to relax. It's just a game, not something to get overly upset about. And remember, admins are here to protect the rules so that all have a fair chance at a decent roleplay, but the quality of the roleplay depends heavily on the players. You all have the power in that respect.
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Let's just leave this suggestion at "Filled with faggotry. Not even seriously considered" and lock this bitch.