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[A choke and a gag, she spit up n came back for more and said I want you...]
Whahaha XDDD ^o~ :P

[Scanlation Status Updated 11/26]

Awaiting Release:

Coloring Queue:
Aijin v1 Ch1 (from Asusu / from Yan now) [Received]
Lovey Dovey v1 Ch6 - 7 (from Yan) [Received]

Needs Coloring:
Blue Wars v2 Ch1
Hatsu Koi Musubi v1 Ch1
Hokushou Shinsengumi v1 Ch2 (assigned to Raine / assigned to Ken now)
Junai Host Club v1 Story1
Love Capsule v1 Story2
Love Lesson.com v1 Story3
Love Spiral v1 Story2
Prince Collection v1 Story2 (assigned to Asusu)
Raku Mote v1 Ch4 (assigned to Dizzy)
Smash 1 v1 Ch5 (assigned to kisaki-chan / assigned to Ken now)
Smash 1 v1 Ch6 (assigned to Ken)

Currently QCing:
Aijin v1 Ch1 (97%) (waiting from yan/lori for credits info)

QCing Queue:
Aijin v1 Ch1 (assigned to meesh / assigned to me now)
Kyo Dai v1 Ch4

Editing Queue:
Aijin v1 Ch1 (assigned to Asusu / editing assigned to me now)
Blue Wars v2 Ch1
Kyo Dai Dakara Nandayo v1 Ch4 (cleaning assigned to me / typesetting assigned to ki-chan)
Love Spiral v1 Story2 (cleaning assigned to LP)
Lovey Dovey v1 Ch6 (assigned to geochan/ cleaning assigned to Alia-chan now/ cleaning assigned to Usako-chan now)
Lovey Dovey v2 Ch7 (editing assigned to Usako-chan)
Prince Collection v1 Story2 (editing assigned to Asusu)
Raku Mote v1 Ch4
Renai Bankakyou v1 Story1 (cleaning assigned to Usako-chan)

Needs PR:
Beast Harem [Rakuen Danshi] v1 Ch3
Blue wars v2 Ch1 (assigned to Brandy) [done]
Koufukuya v1 Ch2 (assigned to Brandy) [done]
Lovey Dovey v2 Ch7 (assigned to Arty-chan) [done]
Prince Collection v1 Story 2 (assigned to jenangelx3) [done]

Translations Queue:
Datte Suki Nandamon v1 Ch3 (assigned to me) [done]
Secretly Here v1 Ch1 (assigned to mitchie)

Needs Translations:
Beast Harem [Rakuen Danshi] v1 Ch3 (from Esthetique) [received]
Hatsu Koi Musubi v1 Ch1 - > (from Shrine of Memories)
Houkago Host Club v1 Story3 - >
I Tell You My Secret v1 Story3 - >
Junai Host Club v1 Ch1 - > (from Shrine of Memories)
Kiss & Never Cry v2 Ch9 - > (from Serenus-Dreamers)
Kosupure Animaru v1 Sidestory1 -> (from NOIR)
Koufukuya v1 Ch3 - > (from Nyar Scars)
Lose Control v1 Ch3 - >
Love Lesson.com v1 Story3 - >
Love Spiral v1 Story2 - > (from Shrine of Memories)
Lovely Lesson [Chuukyuuhen] v1 Story2 - >
Lovey Dovey v1 Ch6 (from Midnight Scans)
Luo Xue Cheng Bai v2 Ch6 - > (from Sherbet Lemon)
Marugoto Ore no Mono v1 Story4 - > (from Wataame Shoujo)
Ouji Romantica v1 Story4 (from Serenus-Dreamers)
Prince Collection v1 Story3 - > (from Katusha)
Raku Mote v1 Ch4 - > (from Shrine of Memories)
Renai Kurabu v1 Story2 - > (from FATE Scans)
Saikyou Koibana v1 Story2 - >
Secretly Here v1 Ch2 [Yaoi]
Special Darling v1 Ch1
Sweet Days v1
XXX Lesson v1 Story2 - >

Currently Cleaning Raws:
Blue Wars v2 Ch2 (100%)
Kyo Dai Dakara Nandayo! v1 Ch4 (100%)
Kyo Dai Dakara Nandayo! v1 Extra (100%)
Renai Kurabu v1 Story2 (100%)

Cleaning Raws Queue:
Aijin v1 Ch3
Butterfly Kiss v1 Ch1 - >
Idol Paradise v1 Ch1 - >
Ousama no Oasobi v1 Ch1
Renai Kurabu v1 Story 3 - >
Tsukushite Agemasu v1 Ch1 - >

Received Scanned Raws:
Aijin v1 Ch1 - Ch2 (from hortie)
Ai no Kotoba v1 Ch2 - 4 (from eien-chi)
Animaru Rabu v1 Ch1 (from sunako-chan)
Baka Demo Kakeru v1 (from mizi [kajitsu-michex])
Blue Wars v1 - v2 (from aoi)
Hatsu Koi Musubu v1 (from QT)
Hokushou Shinsengumi v1 (from alia-chan)
Junai Host Club v1 (from mizi)
Kiss & Never Cry v2 (from aoi)
Kiss & Never Cry v3 (from mizi [magrana])
Kosupure Animaru v2 Ch1 - Ch2 (from fishie)
Luo Xue Cheng Bai v1 (from wingedangel)
Ousama no Oasobi v1 (from sunako-chan)
Prince Collection v1 (from alia-chan)
Special Darling v1 Ch1 (from QT)
Yoru Cafe v1 (from sunako-chan)
Yoru Cafe v1 - v3 (from mizi [bio34])

Awaiting Scanned Raws:
Ai no Kotoba v1 Ch5 - > (from eien-chi)
Animaru Rabu v1 Ch2 -> (from sunako-chan)
Beast Harem [Gokujou Rakuen Danshi] v2 Ch3 - > (from heartbreak)
Beast Harem [Jiyun Ai Rakuen Danshi] v3 Ch2 - > (from heartbreak)
Kosupure Animaru v2 - > (from fishie)
Love Spiral v1 Ch3 - > (from eien-chi)
Lovey Dovey v3 (from aoi)
Mama no Koibito v1 (from Mizi)
Motto Koi Seyo Otome v1 (from austrelle) [follow-up/done]
Otokonoko no Kimochi v1 (from ki-chan)
Otokonoko wa Hachimitsu v1 (from Mizi)
Renai Bankakyou v1 Ch2 - > (from sunako-chan)

Raws to Buy:
Koufukuya v2
Kyo Dai Dakara Nandayo v2 (from QT)
Lovey Dovey v4 - >


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