How many hours a day do you stay in the computer?

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How many hours a day do you stay in the computer?

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Well I spend like about 3 to 4 hours a day on the computer since I
got nothing to do!

100% Twilight just the book and OST or not?! and the movie?!

I'm going insane?!
What is it?
I dunno

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23 Nov 2007, 06:57 #2

I'm on my computer 10+ hours a day since at work I'm on my computer and usually when I come home I'm on my computer unless I'm watching tv.

blue lady
blue lady
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23 Nov 2007, 07:24 #3

i would stay on the computer about 2-3 hours aday

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23 Nov 2007, 08:41 #4

10+ I have my own laptop now. i don't even read anymore, everytime I'm bored I just come to the computer and just start clicking away, leading me farther and farther astray from my hw.

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23 Nov 2007, 09:06 #5

just as little curry said, i used to read, sketch, go out more but now I'm glued to the pc. i stay an average of 7 hours. arrrggghhhh i didnt notice it to be that much!!!! OMGOLLY!!! :D

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23 Nov 2007, 10:55 #6

Hmm about 2-3 mother won't let me get past that :bleh:

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23 Nov 2007, 11:56 #7

I spend at least 5 hour :o but I used to spend much more :D

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26 Nov 2007, 15:53 #8

if you give me the whole will be the whole day =X...

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way too many!!

Almost 8 hours at work and then I go home and then I stay on for another few hours.... so probably 13 hours of the day I'm on a computer.

It doesn't help that my jobs require me to be on it, so i get easily sidetracked! :D

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I'd have to say between 16 and 20 hours a day. Thats the life of a video game programmer for you.
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Typically it ranges between 2 and 6 hours at the moment. Once I get a job in my field tack on 8 hours.

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"No other Queen will steal me away from my true Queen, Sexe!"~by Sexe(You tell them girl.)
"I will obey you master Teol! I will certainly get all your minions back and will gladly give you mine.?"~by Teol(You may want to rethink that.)
"In exchange for my freedom from Alice, I will devote myself entirely to the servitude of Sexe and her partner, Yan."~by Sexe(Whatever you say.)
"I am Sexe's personal 'chef'".~by Sexe(So what would you like?)
"ejb will stop sweet talking sexe and devote himself to a life of celibacy "~by Dragonfly(Oh, you can sweet talk and still be celibate.)
"I will sweet talk Sexe until Alice's ears fall off and she can't do a thing about it!!!"~by Sexe(Hehehe.)
"My neck is only to be bitten by sexe... no evil vamps shall claim me as food"~by Sexe(Oooh. Scan.)
"I love being submissive to my Queen!"by Sexe(As you wish my queen.)
"I will dress in a butlers uniform and do all of cib's house work."~by cib(I've got a feeling you just want some one around the house that doesn't mind doing some of the house work.)
"My come here/playful look is only for Sexe. If she catches me giving this look to anyone else, she has full rights to whip me into submission!"~by Sexe(Why would I use it on anyone else?)
"I'm lil elle-chan's slave XD She is one of the best masters around."~by elle-chan(But Sexe is THE best)
"I'm addicted to being ponned. I just can't get enough of that adrenaline rush of being sent into servitude by Sexe or one of the other sexy members of CoD!"~by Sexe(it sure seems like it.)
"I eat so much cheese I'm practically made of it!"~by Sexe(Some times I wonder.)
"I vow to avoid going into the Jan Ken Pon section for at least a week. I need a Pon Intervention Group!" ~by Sexe(Do I have too?)
"elle-chan might be in my employ but behind the scene, she's the master!" ~elle-chan(Hmm. Sexe might have something to say about that.)
"I will help elle-chan and nobbieZ for no pay. AT ALL."~by elle-chan(Not much different from what I do now.)
"I will only talk nerdy to Sexe, cuz I know she likes it!"~by Sexe(You're the only gal whos told me so.)
"Pandora-kun might help elle-chan with her german homework, but I'm going to volunteer myself to help elle-chan with her A-Maths homework!" ~by elle-chan(I happen to know some German too.)
"I've got slow reflexes" ~by Sexe(No, only a slow computer.)
"I am nothing compared to Sexe, she owns me at Jan Ken Pon!"~by Sexe again(I had this one comming for quite some time.)
"elle-chan has owned me at jen ken pon and as a punishment, I will do elle-chan's maths homework for the rest of my life."~by Elle-chan (But then how will you learn math?)
"I will not help Elle-chan with her homework unless she has at least attempted to try it for herself first!"~by Sexe (of course.)
"I'm a child of the night. The light of day will destroy me."~by Sexe(Well it does make me sneeze.)
"From this moment forward, I'm not going to go near any women or else I will become a monk and I will never eat meat."~by teol(There are a few flaws with that pon)
"I will never join a monistary. I love women far too much to forsake them"~by Sexe(You know me so well.)
"I want to find out about CoD's latest project but then I got caught..."~by Elle-chan(Thats because I typically ask a person in charge of the project.)
"I would gladly give sexe a lifetime of massages and all the brownies she can eat!"~by Sexe (Just massages and brownies?)
"I'm a master manipulator of women"~by Sexe(Oh no, someone found me out! lol jk)
"I belong only to sexe... if anyone else tries to touch me, I will be locked in her closet for safekeeping."~by Sexe(Possessive are we? Or is protective?)
"I wish I was WITH sexe in person, i'd never leave her side".~by Sexe(I can't argue with that.)
"I live to Pon people."~by cib(I got to wonder.)
"Fishie-sama is my GOD~!!!"~by Funky Fish(How can you be my god when I worship Sexe?)
"I will never cheat on Sexe or I will feel her wrath and my brothers."~by cib(I've got no doubt that would be the case but I'm not a cheater.)
"Dwarfs make me feel giddy inside"~by Funky Fish(Its their ability for great feats of endurance.)
"Running down the streets naked helps calm my mind"~by Funky Fish(I've never tried that before.)
"I was drunk driving last night with three weird women sticking out the car window and Sexe wasn't one of them."~by teol(I don't drink and I don't go out with weird women)
"I want to hear more of sexe's cute voice! I will burn all skype convy's with sexe's voice on a disk and listen it again and again and again."~by Elle-chan(I might burn them if they start taking up too much room on my hard drive.)
"Being ponned turns me on!"~By Cib (oookay. No comment.)
"I will be content with being elle-chan's stuffed toy along with oski!"~by Elle-chan(I believe Sexe has something to say about that.)
"My heart belongs to sexe and sexe only."~by Elle-chan(So true.)
"My mind is in the gutter and there's no hope of it ever being clean again"~by Sexe (I think you are right.)
"Sexe is my one and only. LP nor elle-chan can have me!"~by Sexe(Yeppers.)
"I attract the ladies like ants to honey. Oh no. Did I just say that out loud?"~by elle-chan(But I don't try to juggle them all in multiple relationships.)
" I volunteered myself to clear the mess on elle-chan's table!"~by Elle-chan(I don't remember volunteering for this.)
"I'm not crazy, the voices tell me so."~by Funky Fish(That reminds me of the song where it goes, "I'm not crazy, just alittle bit unwell".)
"I have so many pons, that it could rival the length of a novel."~by Sexe(A novel is still longer though.)
"Willing to remove a piece of clothing each time I get ponned" ~by Funky Fish(If that was the case, I'd be missing more than just my clothes.)
"for sexe i willingly removed ne of my clothing for watever purpose itll suit her."~by Apol(hehehe)
"Everytime I'm ponned by a girl member of CoD, I must kiss her feet and call her 'Master'."~by Sexe(But what if its someone other than you?)
"I like elle-chan as my little sis. She's the cutest sister i could ever have."~by Elle-chan(Yep, especially since I don't really have a sister.)
"Every time i'm ponned by elle-chan, must remember to tutor her for one maths topic~"~by Elle-chan(Lets see... Where to start...)
"I like watching Fishie through binoculars"~by Fishie(Uh huh. Are you sure you want that?)
"I give my blessing to Fishie to eat Sexe's cat =P"~by Fishie(you wish)
"Despite being allergic, I will protect Sexe's cat from Fishie at all costs!"~by Sexe(Of course, but its my mom thats allergic, not me.)
"I shall single-handedly manage elle-chan's subbing team and I will be the most heartless mod in the whole of history :p"~by Elle-chan(Thats not likely to end well.)
"I WILL take charge of elle-chan's forum while she, GU and queen and anyone else who requires it go on depression hiatus."~by Elle-chan(You might not recognize it when you get back.)
"I will not give up my Sexe's secrets to anyone... including brave-kun! Or i shall live forever without the touch of her kisses for my treachery!"~by Sexe(I'll never divulge your secrets. I'd not be able to stand to be without your touch or kisses.)
"Im Mr. April n i will show off myself in a VS lingerie of the Swan Lake for CoD's 2008 Calendar Guy Event"~by Apol(Thats not likely to turn out well.)
"actually I was mr October but then i switched myself to april for elle-chan's bday! XD"~by Elle-chan(See above comment.)
"All shall follow the almighty God of Path."~by God of Path(Who is this All guy you speak of?)
"Sorry, I can't worship the almighty God of Path because I already worship the great and powerful Sexe, Queen of Smut."~by Sexe(What she said.)
"Sexe, play your cards right and you can have me every night."~by Teol(She already knows.)
"Like pringles, my girl pops and pops."~by Teol(Uh...I'll let Sexe comment on this one.)
"I am _________ and _______."~by Teol(Oooh. A mad lib.)
"i swear i swear il kip apol's secret wid me otherwise il nt only have to deal wid her twin sexe bt her pair aoi too"~by Apol(And a direct edict by her too.)
"I wish someone invented the teleporting machine already so i can bring sexe over XD"~by Elle-chan(Or I could use it to go to her.)
"CIB is my role model in every way."~by cib(Not every way.)
"As tribute to my idol, CIB, I will try to hook him up with a girlfriend."~by cib(uh, I don't know too many girls that you don't already know.)
"The only Idol I worship is Sexe and nothing will change that!"~by Sexe(ooh. competition)
"I'm starting a religion to go against Sexe."~by Teol(You wish. I'm already apart of hers.)
"I may be the King of Hearts, but I will always serve the Queen of Smut!"~by Cib(Hehehe. You got that right.)
" Serving the Queen of Smut is my one and only wish. I will ignore all the others."~by Elle-chan(Yep.)
" i will allow to let sexe keep her bishies! [fine print: so that i can play with them as well...]"~by Elle-chan(I could use some people for tabletop RPG's and video games.)
"I slice up human parts to out in my oh-so-delicious brownies"~by Elle-chan(Shh! Thats how I get rid of dead bodies.)
"I'm going to serve sexe these brownies ^^! "~by elle-chan(No, I'm going to serve here an untainted batch.)
"I get ponned so Sexe doesn't have to."~by cib(there is some truth to that.)
"I can't live without everyone except Sexe."~by Teol(Thats very mean of you Teol. You better sleep with one eye open because I got a feeling someone will be out to get you.)
"Teol is my sworn enemy and I won't rest until i see him vanquished."~by Sexe(At the rate he is going I got to wonder.)
"cme holla at me sexe n loosen up those buttons"~by Apol(Teeheehehehe.)
"I shall ravage sexe tonight and always to keep me going through d ugly times" ~by Apol(*whistles*)
"Hug me, kiss me, Sexe satisfy me." ~by Teol(*whistles some more*)
"I have been helping teol as a spy, and therefore invite the wrath of all the ladies in CoD. "~by Elle-chan(No I haven't. I've been working for Sexe.)
"I shall surrender to elle and therefore give her my artilery, even those funky bombs..."~by Elle-chan(What the heck?)
"I'll blow up Yanee and Apol if they keep bugging AsuSu." xDD~by AsuSu(Uh, that may not be the best of ideas....)
"I see london, I see france, but what I want to see is sexe's underpants."~by Teol(Hehehehe)
"Crap! I'm now tied to apol's crazy family becoz i have Sexe! But they're uber cute n fun tho so im lucky in a way XDDD"~by Apol(You're right. Haven't thought about that much."
"I miss usu-chan!"~by Usus-chan(Welcome back.)
"Up above the world so high, I can see that Sexe's the diamond in the sky."~by Teol(Yep.)
"Wrong! It's my turn. Next is ejb! wait wait wait.. wrong game, sorry."~by Riou (Try better next time)
"Even though I seem nice at first, I have a naughty side to me too."~by Rozilea (Uh huh.)
"I have a hidden rooms with all kinds of toys to use on Sexe."~by Rozilea (Uh, I can't afford rooms of those types of toys.)
"I shall go and ask life to start treating elle fairly."~by Elle-chan.
"I shall treat sexe to a holiday."~by Elle-chan(If I could afford it I would.)
"Even though I'm innocently in love with Sexe now, I used to be a very dangerous and cunning person before. Now I just hide my cunning-ness deep inside my nice polite self for Sexe's sake."~by Rozilea(That is the longest pon I've received so far.)
"I shall let sexe chain me up and I shall obey her every whim. Oh sexe, how i adore you!"~by Elle-chan(Oooh. Kinky.)
"I promise to always share my chocolate with Sexe." ~by Rozilea(We both love chocolate.)
"I have been conspiring against AsuSu and making her Ken!!!" ~by AsuSu(I've been framed I tell you! Framed!)
"I will give my all for Kanny! She will one day be a Princess! <3"~by Kan-chan(Sorry but Sexe has my all.)
"I've been forcing everyone else to get pon for me."~by Elle-chan(Hmm. You've got a good idea there.)
"AsuSu is my favorite sister ever!" ~by AsuSu.
"Elle is my favourite sister despite someone trying to steal her place."~by Elle-chan(I sense a cat fight in the future...)
"I shall offer both my sisters Asu and Michelle to Spawn in exchange for chocolate."~by Spawn(nope, I've got other more practical means to get chocolate.)
"The only person I would sell for chocolate is spawn!"~by Elle-chan(I'm noticing a theme here)
"I will chain Spawnie up just for Yan in order to stop him from running away again."~by Yan(Let me go get the chains out of my garage.)
"I shall always be there for my beloved Sexe"~by Apol(I do try my best to be there.)
"I have been the kissin' fiend extraordinaire while sexe is away. Nooo~ Apol don't tell your twin xD" ~by Apol(Lies I tell you! Lies!)
"Where art thou Sexe. Hurry back to me or our love story won't be complete."~by Teol
"I've been a naughty boy while sexe is away. I will bow at her feet and beg for forgiveness when she returns."~by Elle-chan(Depends upon what type of naughty you mean.)
"I'm the victim of AsuSu's scandalous hijinx, but I love her!"~by Asu
"I will be Asu, Elle's and Sexe's toy to play with as how they please and to entertain them ~ <3"~by Elle-chan
"I signed up for this game and ended up getting owned by the girls. Where's the justice?"~by Elle-chan
"I've been getting my smutty fix from Sexe."~by Apol (Now if I can just be on the same time she is...)
"I'm in dire NEED for my smutty time with Sexe."~by Apol(hehehe)
"This bomb is made for loving and you can shoot it far. I'm your main target so come help me ignite now, Sexe." ~by Apol(Oooh hot.)
"Sexe, my love, I have tried with all my being to grasp a form comparable to thine own, but nothing seems worthy."~by elle-chan
"I had fun with the bunnies in the box that Teol gave me for my birthday."~by Teol (I kept sexe and chased the other into an unsuspecting cib...)
"Come over and play. Push my buttons, I'll show you my functions."~by Teol(You keep making these sound so dirty or risque. Makes me wonder why...)

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the minute i get home... the comp goes on and i stay in front of it... and now that its the holidays... i m on practically 24/7

Within the endless pain. There’s the belated regret that was left behind. And the flowers of love that disappear meaninglessly…

Why is my heart not of stone? Why am I still feeling this pain? Then again. These answers I know myself.

I am sexe's puppy!!! *looks sadly at the bag that once contained cookies* *runs to find sexe*

i have to go *poof* for a while... HOMEWORK CRAZE...

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Well for me.. I would say like over 12 hours because I have vacation right now. >.< But when school starts.. I guess.. uhh.. as long as I can? I have no life.. :bawling:

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like 5-6 ?