Analysis on the "F" Word

Analysis on the "F" Word

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I never thought about it, but wow the "F" work can be used in so many ways in the English language. lol

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lol I remember hearing this on youtube. lol Still cracks me up whenever I hear this. Though they don't mention those "notable" quotes. lol

This one f**king kills me (oops did I say a bad word)

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Did you know that there's a theory that the middle finger gestures came from during the middle ages, when arches would give the finger to their enemies, to show they still had the middle finger, since apparently people would cut the fingers off captured enemies...
Probably not true, but an interesting idea no?

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Well of course when you're angry you end up the
F*Ck word right especially If you're really angry
there is a time when I used IT repeatedly to my enemy
well I end up being scolded by my parents
I was about 15 or 16 when I start cursing somebody...
well now I'm just good person not cursing anybody :please: