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Tips for drawings!

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February 10th, 2017, 5:48 pm #1

Very well! Your class representative will give you some tips, advice, what you can do, and what you can't do in the drawings! I'll post later everything wth full details, so be patient!

If you are a beginner on drawing, click here on the spoiler:

[+] Spoiler
1 - Always start with the skeleton of the characters, putting the right proportions. If you need help, use a ruler. In the beginning, it is difficult to hit first, and you will always need help from any tool or person to guide you.
2 - Always start with the easiest, that is the head. Don't go straight into the hands and feet because even I have difficulty making a certain "simple" foot fingers :p
Here, I'll show you the step by step of a head of a face of a manga character.
[+] Spoiler

3 - I always suggest starting with anime cartoons, or cartoon cartoons, and then hone it to realism, that is, making your own caricature for a example.
4 - NEVER, NEVER, copy the drawing, such as placing the sheet over a drawing and saying "Ah, I did it, drew and took a lot of time!". This is wrong, first of all it is "stealing" the work of the true author of the drawing, and secondly, it will not help you to improve.
5 - As soon as you finish, keep training your head until you say to yourself: I can. Then go on with the body. Remember, always do storyboard first.[/b]
If you are intermediary on drawing, click on the spoiler below!
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Already learned the basic concept of a character's skeleton? Here comes the full body drawing with the details.
1 - The hands are the most difficult to draw, so be careful! Measure, and if you need help, look below the step-by-step of the hand.
[+] Spoiler

2 - Don't put too many details, and be careful when getting around the character.
3 - Don't leave the trace very thick, this sometimes compromises with the quality of the drawing.
4 - If you want to design clothes for your character first, you must draw it in pencil, and preferably one that is HB. Do not go around the entire body before finishing your drawing. Always leave it to the end as it is an important detail.
5 - Before skirting and finishing the drawing, analyze it, to see if there is no error.[/b]
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