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[PE] Write for the school's newspaper!

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January 13th, 2014, 5:00 pm #1

Remember our previous topic about writing for the school's newspaper in CORPSE-PARTY ZERO? Well, here we are again this time with CORPSE-PARTY if PAST END, we would like your help with writing for the school's newspaper in the Kisaragi High hallways. This topic has also been extended to the Corpse Party community on Tumblr as well.

There are two bulletin boards in the hallways of the Kisaragi Academy Senior High that currently do not have any text on them. We feel that this is inconsistent with the original CORPSE-PARTY that actually had stuff written on them. To understand the context of what is happening, these bulletin boards can only be read by a teenaged Yoshiki Kishinuma. So these messages can either be written for him or they can be about mundane stuff relating to school life.

So we are hoping that you guys could help us fill them in with some text. However they need to follow these specific guidelines:
  • Messages should be no longer than one to two text boxes. Each text box consists of two lines of dialogue. So you can write a total of four lines of dialogue.
  • Messages should have proper spelling, we will not accept any meme or deliberate misspellings.
  • Messages cannot have profanity or vulgar language in it.
  • Messages must be related to the Corpse Party universe.
  • Messages can either be mundane stuff relating to school or it can be a creepy, hidden message for Yoshiki.
  • Kira and I have the right to refuse any message we feel is unnecessary for the game.
To remind people, here are what the two school newspaper in the original CORPSE-PARTY had to say:
School Newspaper: March 22, 1996
As a part of the school beautification
drive, we ask that you throw away your
trash properly.
Otherwise, we may have to get rid of the
vending machines!
School Newspaper: March 22, 1996
Zero tardies. Good work! Keep striving to
get to class at least 30 minutes early!

And for our CORPSE-PARTY ZERO contest, we had selected these winners:
School Newspaper: June 4th
The only thing to fear here is yourself.
Keep hold of that and all you love will
School Newspaper: June 4th
Are you faithful enough to stick to your
sister until you die?
Or would you be consumed with so much
hatred, you won't remember her at all?
Since there are two bulletin boards, that means Kira will choose his favorite entry and I will choose my favorite entry. Also you guys will be credited in the game under "Special Thanks" for your winning entries. You guys have until January 19th, 2012 to submit your messages!

You can either send a comment here with your message, e-mail it to memoriesoffear[at]gmail[dot]com, or you can PM it to enigmaopoeia. We'll be looking forward to your entries! =D
~ enigmaopoeia

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January 13th, 2014, 9:35 pm #2

School Newspaper: January 10th
Don't always trust everyone who's around you.
Sooner or later they will stab you in the back.
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January 14th, 2014, 6:32 am #3

School Newspaper: March 22nd
If you live in fear of the future
because of what happened in the past,
you'll end up losing what you have in the present.

School Newspaper: March 12th
You're not afraid of the dark.
You're afraid of what's in it.

I didn't write the above, they're some quotes I found. I'm not sure who wrote them though (I suppose they posted them anonymously). If it needs to be original, I can write some. I just find these oddly fitting for Yoshiki.

“I'm telling you I LOVE YOU, GODDAMMIT!
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January 21st, 2014, 5:15 am #4

I wanted to let people know that this contest is closed and I will close down this thread. Kira and I have chosen the winners and they have already been PMed. I want to thank everyone for submitting their entries!
~ enigmaopoeia