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Yoshie Shinozaki
Location: The Infirmary, Taking Notes.
Interests Name's Cameron Ross.
I'm a Music, Poetry and Art fan, generally enjoy reading books of any nature, and occasionally plays video games.
Collects Trading Cards, CDs, Comic Books, and Musical Instruments.
Learning how to Draw and Skateboard.(All self taught) and pretty much a fan of anything horror and obscure in this world.
Big fan of Role-Playing and writing stories.
My Soundcloud username is Hisan Shikeishu, my PSN account is Yoshie_Shinozaki, my LINE account is hisan_shikeishu, and my Tumblr is hisanshikeishu.

That's pretty much it for now, if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.
I pledge myself to no-one.
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"I Return This Nightmare. I Will Find You. Sleepless, Cloaked In Despair. I'm Behind You. Man Has Made Me Oh So Strong. Blurring Lines Of Right And Wrong. Far Too Late For Frail Amends. Now It's Come To Sweet Revenge. Desperate Hands That Lose Control. Have No Mercy On Your Soul."- Here Comes Revenge By Metallica.