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Interests Hiya! I'm whatami94, and I just got into Corpse Party about...lets see...five months ago. In that time, I've played only Corpse Party -Rebuilt-, and Corpse Party If. (I'm a little stingy, so I can't buy Blood Covered. ;.; )

I like horror games in general, as well as many horror movies. I deal more in RPG maker horror and flash games though, so I can't say I've played the "great" horror titles like Silent Hill and the such. (I started a little late... ^^')

If you want to talk...I won't bite, so don't be afraid. ^^'
My DA account if you're interested:

<.< Also....I am a small time RPG maker 2003 horror person. In my spare time, I make games, though most of which will never be seen. (That, and most really suck.) I /was/ making a Corpse Party FG, but I quit because I hit a dev wall. <.< I do have a stupid blog for my game stuff, but you don't have to.
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