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Ayumi Shinozaki
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
Location: Insane in Heavenly Host Elementary School.
Interests I'm a tough girl with a creepy personality when it comes to occult topics. Inside I'm merely a frightened girl with insecurities, but I can still be brave as demonstrated when I return to Heavenly Host to rescue the survivors despite the possible consequences. Well, I have((NO I DON'T)) crush on Satoshi Mochida, believing him to be the only boy who would remain faithful (this due to my distrust of men and, to a lesser extent, Yoshiki Kishinuma). Because of this, Satoshi is my greatest weakness. For instance, I'm insecure about how I appear to Satoshi, as seen in Blood Covered Manga Omake. I'm also insecure about my ambitions, having been discouraged by other, more experienced illustrators. As a result, often I go to my sister, or sometimes Yui Shishido, for advice. I was a fan of Naho Saenoki and her works until the recent events in Heavenly Host. I hate being alone as evidenced in Chapter 5 of Blood Covered. I'm anemic. Yoshie and Sachiko Shinozaki are my distant relatives.
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"Shinozaki...heheh...glad to see you're still in one piece."
"You...stupid...ugh! I hate you so much!"
"Ha...hahahahaha...sounds like a happy cry to me. Guess that means you're okay."
"Don't die! Don't die, dammit!"
"All right, all right already! Just stop crying, Shinozaki. I want to see you smile. I love your smiling face most of all."