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[if] Need help regarding two puns

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November 17th, 2012, 4:40 pm #1

amiso gumi of CORPSE-PARTY if loves their puns and it is shown in the posters of the game. Her puns are more of off-reading of actual words, for one example, it's like saying, "My back's killin' me. I just had to haul that lode for twenty miles!" In which "lode" [meaning: any body of ore set off from adjacent rock formations] is a pun off of "load" [meaning: anything put in or on something for conveyance or transportation]. Both are read the same, but have different meanings. However, amiso gumi likes to put more emphasis on catch words like death and blood.

So far, Kira and I have been doing good with her puns, but we are extended out some help just in case if anyone can think of anything better.

The first poster reads: 「りか死つには血被くな!」 ["Rikashitsu ni wa chikakuna!"] This poster is basically gibberish, but it can be literally read as, "Life and death in science does not wear blood." The emphasis are on the words 死 [death] and 血 [blood]. However, it is supposed to be read as: 「理加部屋には近くな!」 ["Rikashitsu ni wa chikakuna!"] This is literally translated to, "Don't approach the Science Lab!" For this we chose, "Stay astray from the Seance Lam!" which is a pun of "Stay away from the Science Lab!"

The second poster reads: 「ろうカをは死らない」 ["Rōka o wa shiranai"] Again, this poster is also gibberish and can be literally translated as, "You un-die of aging." We chose the word "un-die" because 死らない [shiranai] is nonsense and only meant to emphasis on 死 [death]. However, it is supposed to be read as: 「廊下をは知らない」 ["Rōka o wa shiranai"] This is literally translated to, "You don't know the corridor." For this we chose, "Sneak the ridden coroner." which is a pun of "Seek the hidden corridor."

Remember that these puns must be related to the actual meanings. So the puns must be related to "Stay away from the Science Lab!" and "Seek the hidden corridor." So you can use synonyms of these words such as "Beware of the Science Lab!" or "Find the secret hallway."

If anyone has anything better to contribute, we would love to hear it! If we happen to use your pun, we will give you proper credit in the fan game.
~ enigmaopoeia

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November 18th, 2012, 12:01 pm #2

Having seen one of these puns in action, they seem like they'd work pretty well. And seance seems almost fitting considering.