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Corpse Party:Nightmare Repeated

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So it begins

The whited hair boy sat up feet pressed up against a desk as he opened his eyes. "...So what if I am?" "Then I have an invitation for you."

"A party huh? Count me in."

The sound of a sword swinging as it clashed against what appeared to be a sword.

Said boy can be see walking down a hallway distorted with what appears to be flesh adorning the walls glass and other fatal traps littering the ground.

"At first I didn't give a damn."

Said boy once again is right outside Heavenly Host looking up at the unleashed Nirvana as he gave a smirk gripping the large black sword in his hands.

"But because of you...I know what I need to do."

The boy appears again hands in his coat's pockets as he removed one giving a wave to a bluenette behind him in a school uniform of some sorts.

"My name?"
"Wanna know the name? Shiro Hamasaki."
"And my job is to put an end to The Nirvana and bring my friends back."
"Well, it was a party...Nobody told me it was going to be another Corpse Party heh..."

November 2016.

Author of Corpse Party:Nightmare Incarnate.
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November 17th, 2016, 1:47 am #2

Full OC cast list and there's a lot to go over, however, a summary first.

Setting the Mood
Corpse Party:Nightmare Incarnate
After the Book of Shadows was found instead of going to Ayumi Shinozaki a certain Aiko went public with the news prompting mages, occultists, sages and whoever to find ways into the place known as The Nirvana. Even an Ayumi Shinozaki. However, a young man one who has survived the depths and hells of Heavenly Host before has been hired and has peeked his interest in this underground supernatural event.

His job to make sure the young Shinozaki comes out alive and for himself to obtain the Book of Shadows to bring back those he killed under the darkenings influence. This is not the tale of a hero. This is the tale of a sinner seeking to purge himself of those sins. And his name is.

Shiro Hamasaki and this is his Nightmare Incarnate.
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Shiro Hamasaki:Shiro has been in the jaws of the hell that is known as the Nirvana before and escaped on a whim. Now back in action he's hired to once again jump into the depths not to survive this time but make sure someone who has escaped before survives. His own part in this race for The Book of Shadows is to retrieve and revive those that he killed with a witty retort and his sword Predator he plans on winning and no one is going to stop him from protecting the girl or getting the book of shadows.

Not only that but he has a score to settle with a 'certain' someone.

Natsuko:Shiro's partner in crime and the first person Shiro met who had the ability to control the darkening her and Shiro both escaped Heavenly Host along with one of Shiro's best friends. She stuck by Shiro's side for some time but only recently has reentered his life determined to help him she joins the fray that is soon to spark in the race for the book of shadows.

With her ability to manifest the darkening into magic like attacks Natsuko will do anything to ensure Shiro lives because of how much she cares for him. Even at the cost of her own life.

Kuro: Murderer, Merciless, Ice cold all explain who Kuro truly is. When Shiro was hired to watch over Kuro and his group of 'friends' Shiro ended up befriending Kuro and Aoi. Dragging Shiro into the Sachiko Ever After ritual and sending all of them to Heavenly Host. Kuro's plan was to overthrow Sachiko and to bring the Nirvana and merge it with the real world. He would be stopped by Shiro and on that day a bitter rivalry and hatred was born between the two.

Kuro retreated and eventually escaped the school now returning at the race for the book of shadows in hopes to accomplish his goals and this time destroy the nuisance that is Shiro Hamasaki.

Tyler: Many consider this boy to be your generic Punk rocker. But Tyler an American native young man is not just that he is a Warlock. known as the new Warlock of Brooklyn Tyler seeks the Book of Shadows to experiment more into the arts of black magic and become a master at it in order to one day bring back the days when Warlocks, Mages, and witches brought fear in the land.

Tyler purposely got his band to perform in Japan for two months in order to join the race in the book of shadows. And this Warlock of Brooklyn doesn't plan to lose.

Yoshiro Yamashita:One of the last mages to imbue themselves with Tattoo's Yoshiro comes from inner Toyko with one desire justice against those that would use the Book of Shadows for evil he wishes to retrieve the Book of Shadows and lock it away with his family in order to keep it away from anyone who would abuse it. The Yamashita family believes they are the only ones who truly worthy of the book and have sent Yoshiro to retrieve the book regardless if he dies bringing it back to them.

Yoshiro will kill any who stand in his way of retrieving the book.

Kichiro Shizuma:An occultist by heart Kichiro wishes to delve deep into the occult including learning more about the Nirvana and Black magic and what better than the Book of Shadows. Kichiro prefers using wit and his smarts to beat his opponents or to overcome obstacles seeing unlike many who have joined the race for the Book of Shadows Kichiro cares very little for them and only wants what is best for his own needs.

Because of this Kichiro is a guy on his own with only his smarts to keep him alive.

Akari Takayama:A witch who dabbles in Black Magic Akari was born in Japan but her family moved to Britain where she learned the old European ways of Black magic. Now seeking the book that she believes rightfully belongs to her and her alone she seeks the book in hopes to become the Queen of Britain with it in hand.

Past this Akari wishes to learn more about the Black magic and hopes to revive the dead witches of the times in hopes to return the old order back to the way it should be.
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Hideo Akamatsu:A man of ethics Hideo believes himself to be above all others coming from a family of mages that were born in royalty. He enters the race in hopes to make his family and himself even more powerful becoming the King of the world and ruling it with an iron fist.

Hideo cares little for those who stand in his way being quite the strong mage and his abilities with his scythe are to not be questioned he will end all who steps in his way.

Chieko Anami:A witch and a damn good one at that. Chieko knows plenty about black magic but is a casual user known as a punk pop star in Japan she has no real need for the book of shadows and has only joined the race to entertain herself on her break from singing despite this if she were to get the Book of Shadows Chieko admit fully would just keep it on a bookshelf and let it gather dust.

Having no real care she steps into the race with wit and her witchcraft to keep her alive trough it.

Sable:A rockstar if there ever was one a survivor of Heavenly Host himself Sable is an outright ballistic ass who has joined the race for the book of shadows only to return and murder more people. He only wants to kill kill and kill maybe his escape was by complete accident because he fits damn fine within the hellish school.

Regardless Sable is not just some insane physco he has his moments of bein calm and is a trickster tricking people into false security before killing them regardless of who and what they can do. With his claws and his rude demeanor he'll claw his way bloody and battered trough this race if he has to and he wants to!

Lex:A nickname Lex's real name and identity are unknown to all he is an abnormal person appearing to be a part of the race yet always watching and no caring for the results. Appearing to have the power of the darkening and familiar with Heavenly Host Lex remains an anomaly that just gets weirder and weirder the harder you look.

Jack Jagermond:A technological Genius having created the weapons he has a spell blade having mixed spells and his sword style Jack wants the Book of Shadows in hopes that its magic can make his father company more successful and speed up the development in hopes that the future comes sooner so his father can see it. A noble goal if placed in the wrong thing.

With his swords and willingness to never back down Jack Jagermond jumps into the fray of this race with no real regret or lingering thoughts of fear in his mind.

Ryuga Kurosaki:A noble and kind heart Ryuga enters the race in hopes of destroying the Book of Shadows seeing it as a threat to humanity he wishes to be the hero of his own story even if it's not known by anyone. With a heart that cares for anyone and far too trusting for his own good Ryuga comes sword in hand in hopes that he can accomplish what he wants.

However, his other motive is to finally defeat and kill Hideo the man he has been hunting for the man who killed his little sister and brother.
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Aiko:The leader of the Nightfallen a group of cultists who worship the moon and use black magic along with mage craft she has led her cult into this battle and plenty of them wander the halls not expecting the coming death that awaits them truthfully Aiko doesn't believe in her cult but rather uses them as a tool to get the Book of Shadows. With it, she plans on resurrecting her family and living out her life with them

Cruel and cold to those that stand in her way Aiko will do whatever it takes murder stealing and even killing her own self to get ahold of the book.

Kurosawa Otsune:A member of the union of twilight Kurosawa has been sent by the Unions leader in order to retrieve the book of shadows and keep it under the union's safeguard in hopes that its secrets never reach the hands of those that would abuse it's power or seek to destroy the book.

Kurosawa is a cheerful and bright person who stay optimistic even in the direst of situations her mage craft is not one to mock or make fun of and she is more than willing to fight those who would cause harm to the people of the world.

Derek Rose:Known as the Blue flame of Europe Derek is a mage who manipulates blue flames and a talented swordsman coming from the Cult of the Blue flame who is an eternal war with the Cult of the Orange flame. Derek was sent to retrieve the book in order to use it against their enemy and stop the eternal war between the two forever.

Derek is cocky and confident in his abilities he does not care for collateral damage and is a pyromaniac loving to see things burn in his flame. Despite this, he still shows his humanity in how he shows honor and respect to his opponents regardless of who they are and once defeated will burn their bodies as a sign of respect.

Naito Senichi:Wanted by the Tokyo Occultist Union Naito's dabbling in black magics and obtainment of power with it has forced their hand to track down the former Occultist who has set his eyes on obtaining The legendary Book of Shadows with this book he can achieve great heights within Black magic and finally begin the cleansing of the fools who are not worthy of such magics.

In his eyes Naito will be a god and will bring a new order to the world if he were to obtain the book.

Hiroi:Known only as Hiroi he is a part of the TOU(Toyko Occultist Union.) And is from a mage family sent with a partner to track and capture or kill Naito. Hiroi once friends with the cocky god complex Naito wishes to bring his friend back and hope that they can solve whatever caused him to act this way.

However, his partner has other plans.

Yashima Yusa:A warlock that was partnered up with the mage Hiroi the TOU has sent her in order to track and kill Naito ordered by the higher ups to make sure the boy was killed. Hiroi, however, has no intentions of killing him making the girls job all the harder hoping that her partner comes around the warlock may be left with only one choice handle things herself.

Regardless she will get the job done or risk punishment herself.

Aidan:Otherwise known as the Red Flame of the Cult of the Orange flame Aidan has been sent in order to retrieve the Book of Shadows in order to end the eternal war between the rival cult The Cult of the Blue flame. His sworn enemy being Derek Rose the twos clashing will end here and with Aidan coming out as the victor with the Book of Shadows in hand.

After all according to his masters that is his destiny after all right?

'Sherlock' and 'Watson':Nicknames are given by themselves the two teenagers are paranormal investigators hoping to uncover the secrets of the Nirvana however they are caught up in a battle for the Book of Shadows in the process leaving them with their brains and hopefully some Irish luck to get them out alive.

With their skills as Paranormal investigators, they'll have to use wit and brain to survive the wretched of the hell they entered.

Ienaga Sanzo:Mage with no real care in the world he doesn't seek the book of shadows rather he wishes to destroy those who do seek it simply for the hell of it his hammer and magic imbued shotgun in hand he'll take on any foe that can give him a hell of a fight. Ienaga has no real purpose and doesn't believe he ever will yet this does not stop him from being an excellent fighter and mage.

However, death is knocking on the door has he was recently diagnosed with cancer. Seeing as at this point he doesn't care for his own life he is open to deaths embrace.

Sugita Sakura:Known as the One Shot magician she is a mage that hunts down other mages,warlocks witches anything like that for a price of course. She was hired to retrieve The Book of Shadows for a European church who wishes to purge the book and purify it for what reason she has no clue all she knows is that it pays well.

And she'll kill anyone that gets in the way of her pay simple as that.

The stage is set and the curtain falls and soon an event that mankind will never hear about will happen taking place in the hellish domain that is the Nirvana.

However, not all of the players have been introduced some remain and others have yet to show themselves.

(Canon CP characters:WIP.)

(If you have an OC you wish to bring in by all means PM me.)

(Looking for a Beta reader PM me.)

(Co-author position is open but I want to hear your ideas and suggestions and have a level of trust and respect with you first and foremost.)

And an Extra the Ending theme that plays for this fanfic

Author of Corpse Party:Nightmare Incarnate.
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CHAPTER 00:Prologue Part 1

The Legend
"You've heard of it, haven't you? The Legend of The Nirvana? When I was young, my father would tell me stories about it. Years ago, in Japan, a swordsman fought against mages, warlocks, witches and more for the sake of the human race. With his sword, he brought an end to the hellish realm and sealed the evil entities off of our human world. But since he was a part of the realm, he himself was also trapped on the other side. I've never believed it. I always thought it was just a child's fairy tale. But I discovered that this so-called legend wasn't a myth at all. This swordsman existed. How do I know? Well, I met this swordsman...In the flesh and blood. I could see the look in his eyes and what he told me that this battle no this war was fought as if everyone was a fierce arch-enemy...It seemed they all got some sick twisted pleasure from the fighting thinking each one was going to win...However...Only one was left standing."


Opening a door the boy walked trough his apartment/store only wearing his pants and boots as he seemed to be brushing his hair with his hands trying to get any lingering remnants of water out of it grabbing the old telephone he answered. "Sorry not open for business yet." before he hung up placing the phone down.

"I've just opened this joint and I'm already getting calls." He exclaimed as he sat himself down in the chair next to the desk that the phone was on propping his feet up on the table as there was a knock on his door letting out a sigh he got up and answered...Oh, this guy.

"Mr...Walsh. You've yet to pay the bi-" He went to close the door only for a foot to get in between. "I understand that you are younger than the average person on their own Mr. Walsh but I still expect you to pay your rent...For whatever it is you do here."

The boy sighed "I sell old antic stuff that sorta thing." The man nodded his head as if he could care. "The rent Mr. Walsh I want it by next week," he said moving his foot as the door closed. The white haired boy let out a sigh as he went back to the desk sitting down once again as he propped his legs up and closed his eyes.

It had been a whole year since the events that befell me and seven others...Only two of us seven survived. I had been brought to the hellish alternate dimension known as Heavenly Host...Or it's proper name The Nirvana. Honestly, it sounds insane right being taken to some elementary school?

Well, it wasn't your average school. It was a land of the dead spirits and corpses littered the halls nightmarish scenes and the darkening... The darkening something that is still attached to me.

The thing that took me over and made me kill five of us seven victims... The thing that Kuro knew all along about.

The thing that he wanted to control and use to combine The Nirvana and our Human world into one.

The person that I stopped.

And the hellhole I escaped.

My name is Shiro Hamasaki and this is my story.

Shifting in his seat Shiro opened his eyes revealing his dull gray like irises as he got up grabbing his cloak and what appeared to be a tunic of sorts putting them up and equipping them as he stepped outside of the place he was renting and walked down the sidewalk near a parking garage entering the garage a bike awaited him. "Been awhile since I used you." How long had it been? Shiro had discovered something. Something to perhaps redeem himself with the location of The Book of Shadows a book that had existed in the place of the Shinozaki Manor.

He needed that book to revive those he killed and if that meant digging his way trough some old manor he'd do it. getting on the bike as he put the keys in starting the ignition and putting the helmet which had been left hanging on the side of the bike he drove out of the garage and towards his destination.

Stopping his bike outside it was night and there was a...The unattended truck appeared to be locked he took the keys out of the ignition of his bike leaving it parked to the side as he dug his hands into his coat's pockets looking down at the path footprints which meant someone else was looking for the Shinozaki manor?

Shiro eventually arrived and when he saw the manor he didn't seem surprised. "...It's like it exists in another plane of existence that's...Incredible." He stepped and walked inside the manor looking around for a mere moment a thumping sound echoed trough the house and he heard an inhuman screech. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Raising his hand his sword Predator appeared in a dark flash as he looked around that came from bel-

The house began shaking as it was on the verge of collapse Shiro quickly ran trough the house searching for the source of that scream and eventually stumbled across the site... Two school girls roughly around his age and an older girl who's head looked like it had combusted and exploded...

She was hugging the blue haired one the short browned hair one trying to convince her they had to leave Shiro watching as eventually Naomi helped and dragged the girl out Shiro inclined having not noticed the book decided to help his sword disappearing as he lifted the bloodied girl and carried her out of the collapsing manor.

"...Damn it." He kicked his deck out of anger. In his rush to help the two girls, the book had been left and most likely buried with the manor. However, he had learned the names of the two. Naomi Nakashima and Ayumi.....Shinozaki. "....Shinozaki huh?" A key had been lifted out of that place. Still, she was in the hospital currently her wounds were almost fatal whatever had almost killed her was inches away from doing so.

Yet she was alive at this very moment. "...Waste of time most likely Shinozaki isn't exactly an uncommon name." He threw his arms up and sat down at his desk thinking about the situation.

Eventually, people would find out that the Book of Shadows had been found and that it was somewhere...And that...That would lead to a hunt from plenty of people around the world. Hell, things were starting to get crazy.

Unfortunately, Shiro knows crazy all too well.


Author of Corpse Party:Nightmare Incarnate.
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January 3rd, 2017, 11:48 pm #4

Hey everyone Shiro here.

I decided to go ahead and explain where the next chapter is well fun little fact I had it all written out and everything until earlier during November the site went down for a period of time and I lost it.

Since then I admit fully have been working on the fic but just with ideas and more so I'm for now introducing the Branching system.

Whoa, whoa before you ask what the branching system is it is based on Fate/Stay Nights Routes which essentially told 3 different stories with the same characters.

That is how Nightmare Incarnate will be playing out each route is canon to the characters but will have different endings and more.

The Routes
Rebirth-2nd Route
Another Heaven-3rd Route
Devil-4th Route

Each route explores Shiro as a character and who he is.
Author of Corpse Party:Nightmare Incarnate.
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