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Blood Drive Spoiler Section Changes

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5:51 AM - Oct 15, 2015 #1

With the recent release of Blood Drive and more people wanting to talk about spoilers relating to the game as a result, I and the other mods decided it'd be a good idea to loosen the restrictions related to the Blood Drive spoilers subforum slightly. As a result, it's no longer required to join the Martuba's Tomb group in order to access the "Corpse Party: Blood Drive Spoilers!" subforum. In addition, we also moved a few topics with helpful info and resources to the main Blood Drive section (after ensuring that any spoilers in those threads were marked/behind a spoiler tag), so they're more visible and accessible for those that want that info.

All this said, the rules regarding Blood Drive spoilers remain similar for the time being:

On most of the forum (including the main Corpse Party: Blood Drive section), any spoilers relating to Blood Drive should be behind a spoiler tag along with an indication those spoilers relate to Blood Drive (especially if not immediately obvious). Within the Corpse Party: Blood Drive Spoilers! section it's not a requirement for all spoilers to be marked, making it a better place for any spoiler-heavy discussions to take place.