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Early Beginnings

Kenneth Ashford lived a life full of opportunity and promise in being an Ashford, but at a young age Ken realized that there were lines his family crossed that weren’t for him. Opting to go against tradition, Ken turned away from his father’s influence and vowed to live the good life outside of the Ashford Legacy. Although Nicholas Ashford wanted both of his sons to run his Pharmaceutical company together, Kenneth realized the last thing he wanted to do was follow his father’s footsteps so he left the messy business to Brant to take care of while Ken followed his heart and branched out on his own.

In college Ken went to Harvard and vowed to use his legal abilities to help those in need and true to his promise Ken opened up his own legal practice opting to take clients on based in their need for his assistance. It was during this time that Ken found love with beautiful Wendy Forbes.

The two clicked immediately and having grown up in similar backgrounds they knew the frustrations that followed being in the media spotlight most of their lives. The two vowed to rise above their family history with one another and planned on getting married shortly after graduation.

As Ken began to delve into his legal practice, he and Wendy returned to Coral Valley both determined to make a name for themselves. Their lives together were only beginning, but when Wendy suddenly disappeared out of the blue, Ken realized all of his plans had been changed. After receiving a note from Wendy indicating that she had to leave town and wouldn’t be returning due to a family crisis, Ken found himself in a bad place questioning everything in his life.

It was during that time that Ken encountered Carly Matthews, a beautiful and bright lawyer that he’d known through his best friend Dave Warner. Although Dave and Carly were involved in a relationship for quite some time situations arose where Carly prepared to leave town, but before she did she and Ken crossed paths and in their moment of misery sought out comfort in one another’s arms. The night after they fell into one another’s bed Carly left town as she and Ken made the promise to keep their night together between them.

Wild Ways

Still reeling from the loss of Wendy, Ken decided to stop being so serious in order to allow himself some of the pleasures that his twin brother Brant had engaged in over the years. Ever the serious and responsible twin, Ken finally had more than enough and decided to branch away from his good guy image. Bedding Carly was the first step towards the change in him, but it wasn’t until he crossed paths with legal vixen Susan Hastings in the courtroom that he’d found himself a worthy adversary and passionate lover. The two butted heads on a few cases before they finally decided to take their legal sparring to a whole new level when a night of drinks turned into a very passionate illicit affair. Although Ken was well aware of the fact that Susan was married to Grady Denton, there was a certain thrill associated with the relationship that kept both Ken and Susan coming back for more even after Grady discovered the truth. Ken continued to meet with Susan out in the public making shameless, blatant displays of his behavior that landed him on the front page of tabloids again and again while rivaling Brant‘s escapades.

Wake Up Call

It wasn’t until Susan and Grady divorced and Susan announced that she was leaving town to pursue her dreams in New York that Ken realized the weight of his mistakes. He’d not only caused himself negative media coverage, but he’s also prompted his family to question his motives. For the first time Ken was no longer the good twin, but the wild and reckless one set on a path to following his father’s footsteps. When that reality hit him, Ken decided to change his image and buried himself completely in his career doing his best to reverse the effects of his bad boy reputation. However, Ken soon discovered the spotlight drifted away from him as his father’s health faded and Nicholas passed away, thus putting everyone’s life into perspective. Once again Ken stepped forward and emerged as the good son pulling the pieces of his family back together and staying strong for his siblings.

A New Love

Kenneth was finally back on track with his life living the good life and working on a big case that was sure to take down Midlands, a company with less than ethical business practices. It was during that time that Ken met up with spunky, spirited Coral Courier reporter Caitlin Vaughn. The two met at the hospital where Ken was speaking with young Randy Henderson and his family. Although Ken had no interest in dealing with the press, Caitlin followed him into an elevator and the two were trapped together during an earthquake that overtook the town. It was during that time that Ken was given a glimpse of the woman Caitlin was and romance followed shortly after.

Although Ken swore he’d never fall in love again, Caitlin soon changed his mind with her kind hearted ways and her spirit. The two slowly worked their way into a relationship while working side by side on the Henderson case. However, Caitlin had a secret about her past that threatened to destroy their romance. Part of what had lead her to Coral Valley was her attempt to flee from an abusive relationship she had entered into during her younger years. After a couple of attacks on her that hospitalized Caitlin, she finally broke down and revealed her past to Ken. He promised to keep her safe and protected from the madness that surrounded her past and the their bond strengthened. Although the couple faced a great many challenges to their relationship (i.e. Jimmy’s arrival in town, Susan’s return and Brant’s hatred and distrust for Caitlin) they were able to rise above it all and fall deeper into love.

Just The Facts

Name: Kenneth Ashford

Childhood: Raised by his father and grew up with his twin brother Brant and sister Blake.

Favorite Food: Italian.

Favorite Holiday: Halloween. It's the one time of year where everyone dresses up like they truly see themselves. Sure, they say they are goin to step out of their own skin, but it's really when they try to reveal who they are.

Biggest Regret: Not marrying Caitlin when I had the chance.

On Being A Twin: You always have someone who looks just like you, but you're like night and day. Sometimes there's a closeness other times you're horribly alone.

Biggest Mistake: Sleeping with Susan and thinking that it would turn out to be something worthwhile.

Biggest Pet Peeve: My twin brother Brant. Enough said.

Role Model: Richard Morrision. The man is brilliant and very insightful.

Guilty Pleasures: I eat chocolate truffles and I shouldn't, but they are incredible especially when Annie makes them.

True Love: Caitlin Vaughn.

Why I Do What I Do: I learned the hard way through life and though I've tried to change it seems like I can't escape who I truly am.

The Definition of a Dream Come True: I don't believe in dreaming anymore.


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