Location North London , Palmers Green
Interests Been on and off CB since 1975/76 ( no that aint a misprint typo its true we was about then some of us ) started way back in the very early AM days<br />Interests: car modding, classic cars, custom motor bikes i.e. old skool choppers, boppers (thing is I have a habit of falling off :) so I only like looking at them) used to ride BMX but as said spent more times on my arse trying to do tricks on a ramp/half-pipe than actully doing the trixs, too old for that now LoL also like Northern Soul , Ska, music (still a bit of Skinhead/Mod TBH)<br />also I like keeping out of the wife's way so I dont get blamed for everything and thats harder to do than ya fink and I dont claim to know it all but I know enough, I also have the problem of putting the gob B4 the brain kicks in gear sometimes which pi55es most off cos they think I'm a sarcastic moany git , I call it having a opinion and plus radio does'nt rule my life as it does for some cos I'm not fanatical about it even after all these years
Radio(s) Used President Lincoln Mk1 the real one /President Teddy ASC/Midland 8001xt
Call Sign(s) 26CT050 /26MR028 /26TM545 /26FB080
FirstName Martin
Amplifier Used sometimes it would be a insult not to
Aerial(s) Used Gainmaster,also a bent coat hanger and some wet string
Microphone(s) Used Astatic Silver Eagle ,also Two tin Cans and a bit of String
Licenced Amateur Radio Op? Not stated
Country England
birthday 7 May 1958
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