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Joining CTX Extreme Team

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Hi Guys, :hi:
My wife & I would like to join the CTX Extreme Team & get our CTX Call Signs.
We have always been avid hill walker!
After a break of 30yrs from CB after watching Gary ctx104, Jason ctx965, Mick (jesterBushcraft)& many other CTXers on the youtube channels . :cb:
You Guys have inspired us to get back in to CB radio & combine it with our Hill Bagging.
I also need the exercise as getting over weight lol.
Also my wife says that I must be having a middle age crisis and trying to regain my youth as will be turning 50 this April lol. :birthday:

We are Currently Getting our Kit together for our CTX Hill Activation's :cig:
Here is a list of our kit we have so far some old some we have bought new to do CTX.

2x Hungarian Zeltbahns Tents for extreme mountain conditions. :cloak:
2x 1.8m x 2.4m Tarpaulins for lite Shelter or use as Ground sheet.
2x roll sleeping mats
2x Minals Mark First Aid Kits :999:
2x Army Back Packs with Molly Bag System
2x SnugPak Lite Sleeping Bags
2x Bivvy Bags.
2x twin pack Army Mess Tins :chef:
4x gas Lighters
2x Fire Steels
2x Head Torch
4x Small Hand Torch
2x Lanterns
2x mini Towel & Flannel for washing
Soap & toothbrush/Tooth paste
Guy Rope for Zelts
100m Paracord for T2LT Guy lines
2x Yugoslavian mess kits
1x T2LT & Cables
1x Midlands Portapak :cb:
2x Pmr446 Radios
2x Pairs walking poles
2x Fire Dragon Stoves & Fuel
Maps,Books & Compas
Garmin Summit GPS
Food, Batteries & Water
Spare Clothing & waterproofs
Hill Walking Boots

If there is anything else you think we need or need to do to join the CTX Team Please let us know.

We have been currently making our T2LT and hope to test it when the Weather improves and will find a suitable local hill to test it on.
Most likely try and test it on Sid's Net on a Sunday on channel 34 UKFM :cigar:

Hoping to do our CTX qualifier around April/May Time will keep you posted on our progress on here and on Charlie Tango Facebook Page as have posted pics of some of our stuff on there already. :beer:

We have some Ideas on locations for our CTX activation and will also be checking out the places first before Going.

Kind Regards John 26CT2629 & Tracey 26CT2628

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How do John & Tracey,

Make sure you add:

SWR meter with power output option (I don't think the Portapak has built-in SWR?)
SWR meter patch cable.
Fishing pole for your T2LT - I use a 7m but lots of CTX'ers use between 6m and 10m
Guying system for your fishing pole. I use a PVC inspection cover lid, drilled out to fit the fishing pole and then guy it out with paracord and pegs. I also have a backup guying system for my fishing pole.
Some insulation tape for fixing the T2LT to the fishing pole.
A bit of dried emergency food - I pack instant flavoured noodles as they're nice and lightweight. Things like peperami and beef jerky also last a long time and are light to carry.
Make sure you don't scrimp on your first aid kit - I have quite a comprehensive one that I've built up. I probably will never use most of what's in there but I can guarantee I will if I don't take it! ;-)
Wrap some duct tape around an old credit card or store card and put that in your pack - that stuff can really help you out if things break.
Put a few cable ties in your pack too and a small pair of side-cutters.
I bought a cheap nokia dual-sim phone and stuck two different network sim cards in it (just pay as you go) as a backup if my main phone failed me.
I've just added one of those orange emergency shelter bags to my kit and also one of those foil sleeping bags - they were nice and cheap and they're nice and light to carry - best to be sure.

It's a real trial and error with your kit - I bought lots of bits and pieces that ended up being too heavy, didn't work for me or broke... So, you really have to test your kit vigorously and don't trust what you've not tested.

Also, a BIG one that I did wrong is: don't pack your kit absolutely perfectly so it only fits in certain ways and has to be repacked exactly the same way or you can't get everything packed properly - because if you're out on the hills in a storm and you want to get packed up nice and quickly but things won't go back into your pack exactly as they were - then this can be a problem. Always make sure you have a bit of 'wriggle' room in your pack so things aren't fitted in like a tetris puzzle. I'm seriously OCD with my kit, but I learned that lesson quickly after a few activations when things wouldn't pack back in as they did from home! ;-)

If I think of more, I will add them for you.

Good luck with your CTX applications! ;-)

Paul, CTX2500 (Lancs)
Portable radio kit:
President Grant II ASC, Midland 42 Multi Handheld & CRT 2000
Power: Tracer 16Ah Golf Cart Battery (too heavy!), Tracer 10Ah LiPo Battery
Antennas: 2 x T2LT (one taken as a spare)
7m Roach Pole
If there are any other CTXers in/around Lancashire that want to meet up for an joint activation on somewhere like Great Hill, Cartridge Hill or Winter Hill - please get in touch.
Sometimes it's easier to motivate yourself to get out and about on the hills if it's a joint effort.