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Hi CTXers,

Thank you for reading another of my posts. Thought it may be useful to share my list of useful smartphone applications (apps) I use. These can be found in the Google Play store and are FREE.

WeatherBug – For up to date weather.
Life 360 – Friends and family tracker.
OS Maps – As it says.
OS Locate – For an accurate grid reference and compass.
Open Canal Map – As it says.
OCM – Open Cycle Map.
TrigpointingUK – Lists and information of the locations of trig points and has OS 1:50,000 and OS 1:25,000 maps when you zoom in and out.
Copilot GPS – For a sat nav.
Clearly there are many many more.
*If using these apps they are subject to your phone signal, charges etc*
Many thanks.

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