Introductions & Call-Sign Allocation

Introduce yourself to the community and tell us a little about yourself and your Radio HistoryIf you want a CT 11m Call-sign you should request one in this Forum, but please make sure you have filled in the 'Country', 'Location', & 'Firstname' fields in your profile.

Forum rules

Please make a new Post in this Forum and Introduce yourself if you have recently joined Charlie Tango, or Post if you wish to request a CT 11m Call-sign be allocated to you.

A little bit of information about you: your background; radio history; specific Radio interests and ambitions; level of knowledge and experience; and similar, all helps us get to know you.

It also means that if you ask questions, the Members will be better able to judge at what level the answer should be pitched. We do not need to know any really personal details! but, often, the better we know you, the more we can help. Please note, the 'Firstname, Location, & Country fields must be filled out in your profile, for a call-sign to be issued to you.
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