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Home of the Charlie Tango Extreme DX Team. Activating mountains, hills, islands, highlands and more. To apply to join please see information within this forum.This Forum is Visible to Non-Members

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CT eXtreme Team [table=2] [big] [b]Welcome to The CT eXtreme Team Basecamp [/b] [/big] [c] [center]PUBLIC FORUM [c] [big] [big] [big] [center] [b] [color=black] [big]eXtreme Team Basecamp [/big] [/color] [/b] [/center] [/big] [/big] [/big]This Forum can be accessed by ANY CT Member and can be Read by Guests or those who are in the process of joining CT.

The Charlie Tango Extreme DX Team: Section dedicated to Members interested in Activations from mountains, hills, islands, highlands and other ?off Piste? locations, and Members Supporting those Activations.

Charlie Tango is a firm supporter of The Country Code ( [url=http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/ourwork/enjoying/countrysidecode/default.aspx] [u]LINK [/u] [/url]) and encourages all Members to give the appropriate respect to land, animals, plants and landowners (or other Wardens) while engaging in Radio Activities. Members venturing off the beaten track are also reminded to always make preparations and take appropriate precautions to ensure their well being and safety.

[hr] [small] [color=Black] [b]DISCLAIMER [/b]:- The Administrators and Managers of Charlie Tango accept no responsibility for the Content of Posts on this, or any other, Forum. All Posts remain the sole responsibility of the Author and their presence on this Board does not constitute any endorsement, acceptance or approval by the CT Staff. [/color] [/small] [center] [img]http://z1.ifrm.com/2510/101/0/f5017041/CountrysideCodeBadge.gif [/img] [/center] [c] [center] [img]http://z1.ifrm.com/2510/101/0/f5017040/CTXsmall.jpg [/img] [/center] [/center] [/table]
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