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Open (Public) Forum for Amateur Radio Issues - - - Includes (Public access) Amateur Training and Licencing Forums Full Access to some forums within this section is restricted to CT members who hold an Amateur Radio Operator Licence. Access is on an application and approval basis - if you would like to have full access to the these forums then please contact a Staff Member.This Forum and Content are Visible to Non-Members

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Amateur Radio (Public) Forum [table=2] [big] [b]Welcome to The Amateur Ham [/b] [/big] [c] [center]PUBLIC FORUM
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This Forum can be accessed by ANY CT Member and can be Read by Guests or those who are in the process of joining CT.

We have to remind members that they should only transmit using Equipment, Frequencies and Modes for which they hold an appropriate Amateur Radio Licence valid within their Country of Operation. However, it is fully legal (in most countries) to listen-in to the amateur Frequencies without any licence requirement.

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