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Character Name: Grimhildr Waldedrudis
Name Pronunciation: grim-hilt val-tru-dis
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Origin: Gadik
Reason for Application: To bring honor to myself and my family
Character Creation:
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Light Indigo
Skin Color: Fair-skin
Facial Feature/s: Beauty mark on the upper lip
Hair Style: long orange hair tied into large twin tail ringlets using a single white rose, bangs that cover her forehead and loose strands by her ear
Face Appearance: Heart shape, narrows her eyes
Body Build: hourglass body
[+] Spoiler

Image Character: Petra Johanna Lagerkvist from Arcana Heart 2
Character Profile:
Personality: Born with everyone adhering to her every beck and call she became an arrogant and self-centered kid. Endowed with a huge stature she looks down on everyone around her figuratively and literally. She keeps her head high as taught by her mother.
Fashion Sense: gowns, elegant dresses, always brings a parasol
Likes: reading poetry, music, apples, strawberries, grapes, social gathering
Dislikes: people who look down on her, not getting what she wants, blueberries
Favorite Color: Lavender
Favorite Animal: Lion, Fox
Hobbies: tea parties, outdoor sports like Colf, horse-riding
Strengths: her charms, secrets taught by her mother, energetic, self-confident, strong-willed, passionate, adventurous
Weaknesses: Stubborn,Intolerant, Impatient, Arrogant, Willful, Greedy, narrow view of the world

Character Backstory:
The Waldedrudis family started to gain its honor and prestige from the loyalty of their ancestor, Dunstan Waldedrudis. He was a loyal soldier of Altrus. An avid fighter. He wanted nothing more than to battle so he would often refuse any rewards that would make him leave the battlefield. With his old age, his family was given the prestige to become a noble. He didn’t have any ambitions so he settled with being a minor noble. A minor noble known for their military prowess. Although his descendants slowly deviated from that view. They still held strength as their top priority.

Siegfried was arranged to be married to Adelind Eadberht from another minor noble house. She was able to seduce him and improve her standing in her family. He is also the family head. Grimhildr was the fruit of their union and lived a strict life. She was forced to be educated in all basic education like geography, arithmetic, history and current affairs. She was no genius, however, and she was only able to grasp an acceptable knowledge on her general education. Since the Waldedrudis family places value on not only the mental aptitude but also on the physical aptitude, she was also trained in combat. So they focused on honing her etiquettes, manners and combat prowess. She chose to be trained in the quarterstaff.

In another note, her relatives always spoiled her and listened to all her demands. As the daughter of the family head, they all want to curry favor from her. At first, she blindly believed it was because they liked her at first but her mother opened her eyes to the truth of their world. She was heartbroken and have doubted everyone since then. Her mother also warned her to never expose her wariness of them. She had to make them believe that she was unaware of their façade. Her mother taught her the tricks on how to charm people. She taught her how to use her being a woman to get what she wants. She learned her mother's secret.

There was only one person, her father's brother's son, Wulfric. He was genuinely nice to her and treated her with great respect. No matter how wary she was, she eventually trusted him seeing as she could never find a trace of fault with him. He was perfect.

However a year prior to the sudden demon outbreak, the Family Head Siegfried was poisoned. Luckily he survived but at the price of a crippled body. The mother and daughter mourned his predicament and the fate that has befallen them. Since Siegfried has been crippled, he was replaced by his brother Hagen. The successor title has then been transferred to his son Wulfric.

She was happy that it was brother Wulfric that had become the next successor. However, when she approached him he gave her the cold shoulder. Her minimal trust in humans shattered. She thought that it was fine that it was him but after he got the title, everything changed. His attitude towards her changed.

She was getting older and so their grandfather wanted to marry her off to another family but she kept giving out reasons to avoid it. She has no shortage of suitors with her beauty and charm but none can make her turn her look at them. So they can only admire her from afar. Their grandfather was getting tired of her antics and gave her an ultimatum. She will have her freedom if she joins the Training Order and win honor for their family or she will stay as the daughter of the Waldedrudis but will have to marry whoever he chooses.

Siegfried Waldedrudis - Father, former head, crippled
Adelind Waldedrudis - Mother
Hagen Waldedrudis - Uncle, current head
Wulfric Waldedrudis - cousin, successor

Character Abilities:
Weapon: Staff
Basic Skills: dancing, singing, acting
Others: quarterstaff training, hand combat, basic swordplay
[+] Spoiler
The trip by boat was an awfully uncomfortable ride with dozens of peasants here and there in plain sight. Even the deck rooms was stuffy with a disgusting decoration. No hint of elegance at all. I stood leaning on my parasol as cane in the bow of the ship to avoid everyone. Feeling the wind in my face and enjoying the scent of the sea as the books would say. Lies. It was not pleasant-smelling at all. It was repugnant how could anyone romanticize this smell. However it was better than inside the rooms or anywhere else.

Good thing it didn't last too long or else I'd have lost all I've eaten this morning. I had the men at the ship to carry my three luggages. They were the ones who couldn't help but ogle at my beauty. 'Hmph, if only they'd let me bring a servant, none of you are even worthy of touching any of stuffs.'

Finally landing at the Antar Port I saw the dazzling figures of the three generals. 'That should be me. No one should be more brilliant than me.' gritting my teeth. As I drew closer to them I had adjusted my expression to one of sincerity and humility. "Greetings General Equiste, General Alexandria and General Amadea. I am Grimhildr Waldedrudis from Gadik here to offer my services to His Majesty the King Volent. I will join the Training Order and do my best to fight back the vile existences, the demons." and ended it with a curtsy.

Looking left and right I saw that it was only the three of them and me. I couldn't help but inquire "Generals, may I ask where the servants are ?"
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