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Loki's eye twiched at Volker's words. He always find the way he talks to his superiors annoying but he let it slide because of his upbringing but now he has enough. Taking his already bandaged arm thanks to his student, Loki carried Kisara and let her lay down to one of the Chaise Lounge in the room. Which god knows who put a Chaise Lounge in the training hall.

Making sure that she is okay and still meek. He looks at Rianne and said, "Give her something to keep her calm and let her drink some water too."

The Loki turned his back at them then started to approach Volker. He unseathed his sword and threw it at Volker barely missing his face by a mere inch. The rapier embedded at the door. Keeping it shut.

Once he is close to Volker. He then grab him by the neck and lift him up at the door. "You don't know when to keep that mouth shut do you, Faust?" He growled and glared at him. His golden eye blazing similarly with the incoming temper like his cousin, but this is different form from his cousin's impulsive one, this is a killing calm that he haven't felt since the last time he was sent to capture a band of theives plaguing a certain village up east some years ago.

He then threw Volker to the middle of the room with some effort on his part. Adrenaline helped a bit to keep the pain on his other arm down. He grab his sword and using his foot as leverage, Loki heave off the sword from the door.

"So are you going to talk properly. Hmm?" He raised a brow at him. His eye still blazing with that fiery temper. "I could do this all day, Faust. So better talk or be shredded."

He then swung his Altrusian steel rapier in the air.

Note: the way Loki threw his sword is a reference from what Will Turner did to Jack in the Curse of the Black Pearl movie.
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Rianne threw her scissors towards Volker which made him flinch, however they narrowly missed him and sank into the door behind him instead.
"Oy! Didn't your mother ever tell you not to throw scissors at people?!" Volker snapped, "You people are all so violent. Now if only you'd all direct that aggression towards the demons instead of me, this war would be over in a fortnight!"

Volker tried to lighten the mood by coming across as aloof, but inside he was beginning to panic. They couldn't possibly know his secret. There were only a handful of people in all of Altrus that even knew that group existed. Volker had gone to great lengths to keep that part of his past a secret. It had been helpful that Volker hadn't used his real name while operating as part of that group. He had hope that part of his past would stay buried, that he'd take their secrets to his grave.

The whole point of him coming to Antar and joining the training corps was to start over. It hadn't been easy leaving that group, it had cost Volker dearly in more than just money. No, Sir Loki and the others couldn't possibly know.
That group never left any trace, and if they did they left no witness alive. Sir Loki and the General Alexandria probably suspected something, but it sounded like they had little to go on. If Volker just kept playing dumb, they would give up eventually. He could outlast them.

It was then that Sir Loki's rapier flew past his head, grazing the top of his right ear before it too sank into the door behind him.
"Ow! Drag me to hell, my ear!" Volker cursed as he clasped a hand over his ear, "Gods be damned! Would you people stop throwing things at- URK!"

Volker was cut off as Sir Loki appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him by the neck. How the hell had he closed the distance between them that fast?
Sir Loki wrote: "You don't know when to keep that mouth shut do you, Faust?"
Oh great. Kisara had been subdued, but now Volker had to deal with this one. What even was today? Would the king himself show up next to beat on Volker?

With an unnatural strength, Sir Loki tossed Volker across the floor to the middle of the room. The landing knocked the wind out of Volker, who was left gasping for air.
Sir Loki wrote:"So are you going to talk properly. Hmm? I could do this all day, Faust. So better talk or be shredded."
"Ugh... W-well now... I'm- *cough* c-confused. First... you complain that I c-can't keep my mouth shut... Now you complain that I won't t-talk properly?... Would you make up your mind?"

Even as Sir Loki swung his rapier in the air, Volker still couldn't cut it with the smart-ass remarks. He really did have a problem. Perhaps Volker wanted to pretend that this was all some big joke and that Sir Loki wasn't about to skewer him like a stuck pig.

"H-heh... go on then. Do it..." Volker said. His tone flat and defeated, "Or are you all bark and no bite?..."

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Kisara rubbed her head and groaned loudly. She usually had some headaches after an emotional ordeal like her temper went nuclear. She leaned on the chaise lounged and groaned again from the pain. She blinked away the blurriness from her eyes.
Volker wrote:H-heh... go on then. Do it… Or are you all bark and no bite?...
She still has the strength to roll her eyes as she heard Volker taunting someone. When will the weasel ever learn. She thought.

Now that her mind and heart are calm. She assessed on what’s going on. Volker’s tattoo, his possible ties to that man and his group. Loki should have a thorough background check on Volker before he accepted his application. His sources might have missed something or they’re just that lazy. Tsk, he should have asked Balthazar and use his ‘birds’ to find the much needed information. She thought bitterly.

Kisara then looked at the scene before her. Loki with a dark look and Volker at floor gasping for breath. She raised a brow at what she saw. “It’s been a while since I saw him this pissed off.” She muttered and snickered. “Faust will be in a real treat then.”

She coughed a bit and throat a bit parched then looked at Rianne. “Serene, did bring some water with you? My throat is a bit parched.” She asked the blunette with a hand on her throat in gesture.
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Rianne ignored Volker's remarks. Being admonished by her dead mother was the least of her concerns. She'd rather figure out the connection between Volker and their superiors, the tattoo and the interrogation. As things had gone out of hand and was starting to get confusing.

She silently thought back of the news and events concerning the High Noble houses. And it dawned to her. Eleven years ago the Alexandrian massacre took place. It was big news then and till now it was still an unsolved mystery. How it eluded her was rather simple. She didn't want to remember much of that same year.

Her breath hitched for a second. It has been eleven years since that incident happened. It was her second brush with Galandru or so Daniel had told her. She never believed it was a freak accident, even if that was what her father and brother told her. Irina’s actions and behavior after that incident indicated it was not. Even her faint memories tell her it wasn’t. ‘Close your eyes sweetie, and everything will be alright when you wake up.Lies! Rianne thought as her grandfather’s last words echoed from it recesses of her mind.

You know what’s the trick to being a good doctor sweetie?’ Her breathe was starting to get heavy, she didn’t want to remember, she doesn’t want her emotions to swell remembering those days. Closing her eyes she clasped her nose and mouth between the palms of her hands, not bothering that Volker was thrown towards the middle of the room. Think of something else... It’s not time to remember his teachings… I don’t want to care... I don’t want to care right now…

A good doctor needs compassion. But a soldier is not required to have compassion to do a good job. Not when their job requires them to inflict harm. Take a deep breath and keep those emotions in check. They are not your patients... not now and not yet… Rianne’s eyes opened hearing General Kisara’s remarks. She was thankful for the distraction of the conscious general. Yes. That’s what she needs, a distraction from her thoughts and emotions.

She turned her head lightly at the dark haired general, and nodded in response. Rianne grabbed the small flask of water from other small bag attached to her waist. It was a small 12 ounces metal flask, which contains water. She usually brings one in case she needed to mix some powdered medicine. Rianne didn't forget the claws were still soaked with blood, so she pulled a small towel as well.

"It's not a lot, but here... This will help as well" The blunette offered the flask along with a small container of tablets, and a small towel, her face devoid of the usual warmth. She can't fake a smile at this situation, not when she's dissociating herself from her emotions. "and for the claws..."

Rianne returned her blank face, to look at the two men in the center of the hall. She might as well stand like an unmoving statue and remain a bystander. She only needs to ensure none would get killed right? Might as well let them clash if they wanted to. If General Kisara was right, then she’ll wait till the fury of the red head with golden eyes subsides.

If there was one thing that makes me listen to Sir Loki the most is because of those colors reminded me of Oma Rina… her fury had always been scary… As for Sir Loki’s well I guess I’ll have the chance to see, and not be on the receiving end of such anger… Rianne thought impassively, as she leaned her back to the wall.