The Training Order

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Young ladies and lads who have reached the age of 16 are able to apply for training to be a part of Altrus Military Force[1]. During their training, they will undergo training and lectures about the continent and the danger that revolves around their land.

There will be training threads released for trainees that will cost 50 deeks each. These training threads will be the trainee's training activity throughout his time.

Deek is Altrus' currency and for trainees, you will be able to earn deeks through quests which will be released every now and then.

Once the trainee has completed the specific amount of training threads (which will be based on trainee's performance), based on the trainee’s results, their weapons will be upgraded to Elemental Weapons[2] which can decide on which squad they will be distributed to.

Graduates who attained excellent performance during training are given the chance to gain and wield a Holy Weapon[2] which is a level higher than Elemental Weapons and will be given the title of an Elite Soldier[3].

As a fresh member of the Military Force, you will be given an initial task called Recovery Mission where you will be helping affected towns or villages recover from an attack. This includes Elites as well.

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