The Beginning of Order

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The Continent of Altrus was once a prosperous land with abundant resources that could feed millions of populations all throughout its vast view. Lead by the powerful family of Volants where one stood tall among them, crowned as the continent’s King.

One day, the gate from hell surfaced on its crust and demons started appearing, raging outside their cage as if it was the first time that they have attained freedom. But it was not a celebration.

As days passed by, the whole continent was alerted of the sudden outbreak of the dark power, haunting humans, land, and the likes. With the new hurdle in front of them, King Volant ordered his men to watch out for his people and protect them from harm but his own soldiers were outnumbered resulting to failure.

Altrus lost almost half of its properties because of the incident but there were a few that stood above all fear. One of them was Eclair from the House of Equiste[1] which is known among throughout the land and was given the title of a Noble. She suggested creating a new system where they will allow the young to participate in training in order to keep foot against these creatures that stole their peace.

When every noble in the continent agreed to the proposal, Eclair Equiste immediately volunteered to become the first trainer of the first batch of the to-be soldiers of the continent. In line with being the trainer, she was also given another new title of a General[2], as a token of initiating the said movement.

Along with her, are the people who have practiced the art of producing materials as weapons and the new methods of increasing their power to fight the demons with ease.

After the establishment of the Training Order[3] as lead by General Eclair, two new names appeared in the records of the continent which were Ileana from the noble House of Amedea that mainly deals with agricultural development and resource of Altrus and Kisara from the noble House of Alexandria which governs most of the continent’s property at the southern part that mainly focuses on mines.

Having seen results of their initial training, the King officially started the said order and later gave General titles to both Ileana and Kisara as part of the Continent’s Military Force against their sole enemy. And the two of them became the first results of the order and the new pillar for the future trainees that will enter the ground of battle.

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[3] - The Training Order
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