Role-Playing Rules

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No GOD Modding/Bunnying

You can, as far as, describe other people’s characters but you will never make them do whatever you want them to do. They have their own will and so are you. You are also not allowed to conclude an enemy's death. That's the Narrator's job.

Minor movements are to be consented. But once you have become an official soldier, you can control scouts (or messengers) and random villagers (to safety ONLY) - because this is our work as part of the Military Force.

Use Third-Person POV

As much as you want to refer to your own character as “I”, we would like you to refer it to 3PPOV. This will make everything uniform and outside readers will not tend to mix up a lot of things while reading through your RP.

Limit OCC Posts within RP Threads

If you want to discuss or note another player for a change of plots or updates of setting that you want to follow, post it on the shoutbox with the link to the thread and the name of addressee or on your Plotting thread. If you do not have a plotting thread yet, create one at the Plotting Board.

Next poster lines and setting updates are accepted to be written on RP threads as long as they are enclosed in a spoiler tag.

Do NOT Post One-Sentence Replies

Practice your creativity. Write more than needed. Expand yourself and express more. That’s what Forum Role-Playing is all about. We encourage a minimum of one paragraph with a minimum of three sentences per replies. This do not include character lines.

Join an RP Thread on which you are confident that you can follow.

As much as we like having so many threads that we have replied, please make sure that when you join a thread, you can (if not must) post a reply if it calls for. We don't want our threads to go on delay because of one person.

If one of the members of your threads doesn't reply for two days, contact them in any means possible. If they are too busy, contact a moderator to "exit" them immediately to make the flow continuous.

No reply to a mentioned next poster after three days will result to a forced exit.

Clarify Your RP Thread Type

Please ensure that if you plan a private RP with someone, note it in topic description (i.e. "Private RP with Username") or in the introduction of the first post. If it is a public RP Thread, not necessary to put any notes.

If you want to limit your thread into a Group RP, do the same.

Plan your RP Threads Thoroughly

We do not want to start a thread and just leave it hanging in the bush, do we? Invite other people to join your thread. Don’t be shy. Make use of the chatbox if you want. Plan a posting order or mention the next poster that you aim to reply next to make the thread go smoothly.

You can also note on the first post on how you want the thread to go through and who or how many people you need. You can invite specific people through PM as well.

Always put the setting of your thread

In order for other RPers to know when and where or other specific items needed to know first-hand before posting, place a quoted setting before your first post. So other people will know how to adjust their own character for your thread if necessary.

Close Ended RP Threads

Thread starters are ought to close threads that will no longer be used. If the thread starter has no longer the motivation to close the thread, send a report to any moderators through private message.

R18 RP is NOT Encouraged

Although they can be limited to private boards (which, may be available in the future for after some debates). Because as of the moment, we worry about minor RPlayers (oh, come on, we all know we can lie about our birth dates online lol).

Avoid OP Characters

With Altrus being a role-play that goes under fantasy and magic, over-powered characters will be requested for modification.
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