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Kyros Bridge is the largest bridge in the continent connecting Western Altrus to Eastern Altrus. It is built upon and follows the isthmus that used to exist before it disappeared beneath the ocean when sea level rose.

The bridge is roughly 65 kilometers (40 miles) in length and roughly 15 meters (16 yards) in width. It stands at about 40 meters (131 feet) above sea level.

Re: The Unexpected | Rianne, Livi and Rylen

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1:42 AM - Jun 05, 2017 #1

Setting: Kyros Bridge, Stormy Afternoon, around 3 PM
3 Months after the Graduation Ball

It seems that Diraven[note]God of weather[note] is in a foul mood.

Standing just a few meters into the eastern end of Kyros Bridge, Brett shivered, huddling in his cloak as heavy rain and wind buffeted seemingly from all sides. It was just their luck that a storm had brewed right around the schedule they had set for soldiers from the main base to come and take the demon corpse off their hands.

His four fellow soldiers shivered in their own cloak as they stood against the cart containing their gruesome but precious cargo, hoping for it to break some of the wind’s force. The two horses attached to the cart whinnied in protest as a particularly blinding lightning ripped through the darkened skies.

It actually took them almost an entire week to arrive from Arcane Land due to the heaviness of their cargo and the weather that steadily gotten worse in the last couple of days. He’d hoped to all deities listening that the coming soldiers would have had the sense to bring some extra horses from Tylon or else they’d be having a very slow journey with this weather. They could only spare two of their own because horses are a hot commodity in their area.

“Do you think they’d be able to come today, captain?” One of the soldiers asked Brett over the sound of thunder, rainfall and the waves of the raging ocean crashing against rock.

“I don’t know but here’s to hoping they would!” Brett answered in a raised voice in order to be heard. “The messenger did say that the personnel who received our message promised to gather some soldiers to meet us here today. They might just be running late because of this damned storm.” He hoped to the gods they’d come. He really had no desire to lug this thing back to camp. He would have liked to just take it all the way to the research facilities himself and send the others back but it was not an option.

Despite the world going to hell, bandits and other criminals still existed and would love to get their hands on such an exotic item to sell in the black market. Brett was pretty sure there would be a lot of people who would still be interested despite the possible danger a demon corpse might bring. Yes, despite being dead, Brett believed it was still dangerous as it was still oozing with malevolent aura that creeped him out.

The fact that it was encased in ice and looked quite intact with face contorted in a soundless roar, showing full rows of sharp and deadly fangs, didn’t help matters.

“I think I see them, captain!” A soldier alerted, his hoarse voice being drowned out but the storm. Brett fixed his gaze across the bridge. He could barely see through the sheet of rain pouring from the skies but he thinks he had indeed seen movement in the distance. He just hoped the new arrivals would be the soldiers they were waiting for and not some enterprising bandits.

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It had been three days since Rianne, Livi, and Rylen was dispatched from the Main Military Base, to meet up with Captain Brett Knox and his men near Kyros Bridge. They were tasked to retrieve the demon corpse handled by the captain and deliver it to the Research Facility near Trontell Mines. They had brought enough provisions on their expedition but still stopped by the base near Tylon to restock. They had also acquired five war horses from the base, thanks to Rylen having convinced the commander stationed there.

It was still sunny when they left Western Altrus and crossed Kyros Bridge this morning and would've reach the other side around noon if things had gone smoothly. They were more than half way across the bridge when the skies turned dark and it started raining. The rain was still manageable for travelling. But little did they know that Diraven would have mood swing.

Diraven chose the most opportune time to unleash his anger. They were almost near the end of the bridge when the watery pandemonium broke loose. Rain pour mercilessly in sheets, the sea roared in anger as the waves crashed against the bridge, and the winds howled as they shifted direction every so often, making their situation a bit more difficult. A flash of light ripped the sky followed by the roar of thunder. Rianne couldn't help but pray to Teia[note]Teia - Goddess of mercy, prayed to for divine mercy.[note], one the goddesses of mercy Teia, oh goddess of mercy, Diraven is mad. Kindly calm him down.

“I’m sorry Asche but we need to push through for now.” She crooned as she gently patted the neck of the dark haired horse cantering beside her to assure her horse it would be alright. It had whined in protest when the lighting traversed in the sky. It would rather have its owner on its back, but the gentle patting calmed the alert the stallion. She too had lightly grazed the neck of the current stallion she was riding on “You too.” She crooned. She could feel a light tugging on the rope that was ponying her third horse, it was a male stallion with copper red fur “Yes you as well, we need to move faster.”

She lowered her hood even more and raised her scarf over her nose to buffer the wind and water that was pelting her face. They needed to move faster and get to the mainland as fast as their horses could carry them. She doubted Livi and Rylen could hear her with these blasted winds, so she raised and waved her hand forward to signal her comrades Livi and Rylen to keep their horses moving.

She leaned forward a bit moving her seat and strongly tapped the horse with both her legs. It took a while, but the brown bay understood it needed to break into a faster canter. The other horse that was attached to it also followed suit, matching the pace of her horse. Asche whined in protest and chased after the black bay that was carrying its mistress. Rianne understood her horse’s protest, but it couldn’t be help. The new horses needed to be lead and ponied. She knew Asche was smart enough to understand her cues from afar so she allowed him to run beside her while she rode and lead the new horses. She was careful in directing the horses as they ran through this terrible weather.

She could barely make out the silhouettes at the far end of the bridge. But she could make out something big on the horizon. That must be it. She muttered silently contemplating the creature they were to bring back to the west. Rianne raised her right arm forward pointed it towards the direction of the men. Despite knowing her voice would be drowned by the howling winds, she still dared called out “There!! Almost there everyone!!”

The small blunette spurred her stallion to gallop towards the human silhouettes. “WOAH!!! Heel boy!!” she cried as reined in the horse to a sudden stop as it became skittish as they had gotten a few meters closer to the group. Even the copper horse fell into a sudden stop its ears were twitching and stayed behind the black stallion, whose tail was clamped down. She could sense they were very nervous.

Asche halted on her left, standing his ground before whining, a very unfamiliar sound she had heard from him. Her eyes looked the blue roan, his tail was swishing fast and his ears were perked forward and he was looking at something. It was the first time she had seen him really mad yet seemed a bit nervous.

Rianne’s eyes turned to look at what was making her horses jittery. She came face to face with their special cargo. It still looked ugly and terrible despite being incased in solid ice. And pretty much stood frozen in time and well intact it’s no wonder her horses were agitated. She gave them all a quick patting, brushing their wet manes as they huddled closer together, practically flanking the black bay she was sitting on. “Yeah I know we’re all cold.” She murmured calmly. “But we need to get closer…” the blunette coaxed the three horses to walk closer to the soldiers.

Seeing she can’t dismount for the time being, she waited for Livi and Rylen to catch up to them. “Good day gentlemen!” Rianne greeted the soldiers but she lightly grimaced thinking Although we’re having quite as storm… she continued “We were sent from the Main Base.” She pulled back the cloak’s arm hole higher, revealing her arm band tied around her left upper arm to prove her point. Her fair skin lightly shivered as it came in direct contact with the piercing rain drops. Sighing, she bellowed against the howling winds trying to get her voice to be heard “I seek to speak with Captain Brett Knox. Where is he?”
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Livi signed up for the mission and unknowingly teamed up with Rylen and Rianne. She was happy when she found out that Rianne would be leading. However she did not expect Rylen to complete the roster. She had mixed feelings about it but a mission was a mission. She did her best to act like her normal cheery self. The three of them had hurriedly journeyed to Kyros Bridge. It took three days of a silent and uneventful travel.

As they were traveling, Livi can't help but think about how she used to travel with her parents. They would often pass through this bridge with a horse-drawn wagon. Then she thought of his only family left, her uncle Lyall. ‘I wonder how he’s doing. After Kyros bridge would be Triathos. An almost a day travel. I wonder how uncle is doing. Triathos you're so near yet unreachable. Since we can go almost anywhere now, I wonder if they’ll let me have a few days off to visit Triathos. Uncle did send a letter to visit home. Once I get back I’ll try to find time to visit.’ With a melancholic smile, their journey continued.

They were to pick up a frozen demon and have it transported to the research facility. A remnant of General Ileana’s last mission. Livi burned with passion as she thought ‘When will I be able to go to missions to hunt demons or fight in the front lines. I signed up for this unit to be able to kill those detestable demons! I trained hard for this!’ She furrowed her eyebrows and clutched the reins tightly. The horse had noticed so she calmed down and stroke her white horse. “It’s ok, Snowfire.” she giggled.

As soon as they arrived in Tylon, Rylen had asked for extra horses. Rianne and her each led two and Rylen led the last one. They gave him one so he can have more freedom. Since he was given the rear guard duty, he always lagged behind the two. Livi was thankful for this arrangement, she still felt a bit troubled being around him. She always stayed near Rianne which was normal.

As they traveled the bridge, they were greeted with Diraven’s wrath. “Aiyah,what strong winds and rain.” Their cloaks fluttering from the strong winds. She shivered from the cold ‘So cold, hope the horses would be fine. Well at least they should be more resilient than us.’ she had squinted her eyes guarding from the strong wind and rain. She heard a shout from Rianne
Rianne wrote:There!...

The other parts were a bit inaudible, “We must be almost there, Snowfire. Just a little more.” She somewhat struggled as she rode her horse and led the other two.

Rianne arrived first then Livi. By the time she arrived, Rianne was looking for Captain Brett. So she halted just behind her.
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Rylen silently cursed to himself at their misfortune. Of all times, it just had to rain now. There was a whole slew of problems waiting to be unleashed because of that.

Unable to help himself, Rylen’s brain started ticking off said problems. One, with how hard the rain was falling, they’d have low visibility. They won’t be able to see any enemies lying in wait for them until it was too late. Two, he’s an archer. He’d have to do a lot of adjusting in order to properly shoot his arrows because the rain, not to mention the wind would prove to be quite an obstacle to his shooting. The rain would undoubtedly put more weight on his arrows and the wind could throw them off course. Three, Livi’s element is fire. Her attacks would be severely weakened what with the barrage of rain.

Because of this damnable weather, their attacking power had been pulled down by a half.

Because of this damnable weather, their speed has been pulled down by a half as well.

If they were attacked now…

He shook his head and his ears picked up the sound of Rianne’s voice. It was barely audible but he had managed to hear her words. He squinted ahead and sure enough, a moment later, he could make out the end of the bridge along with a few people and horses and a large silhouette which Rylen deduced to be the cargo they were supposed to take.

He urged Sunny as well as the horse he was dragging with him into a faster gallop then pulled to a halt, careful to stay a bit farther behind Livi. It had been months since they’ve broken up but...she never seemed comfortable when he was a around and he was still feeling guilty about what had transpired between them.

Rylen patted Sunny’s neck as he started to clop his hooves in obvious distress. The other horse he had brought tried to back away but he held the reins firmly and clicked his tongue, reaching over to rub its neck soothingly.

He looked over to the demon encased in ice. The last time he’d seen one was during the recovery mission they’d been sent on before they graduated. The mission where they lost two of their comrades, Jack Fox and Philip Aventurra.

His brows furrowed in anger as he stared at the demon’s face.

They had been told that the demon was encased in ice and was the remains of Ileana’s kill from her last mission but…

It looked quite intact.

Ileana had once told him she never leaves any demon unscathed.

Maybe she just missed this one? Will the rain melt away the ice? No. If it could withstand sunshine for weeks then it could withstand a little rain. At least...he hoped so.

He tore his gaze from the demon and towards the soldiers, awaiting for any instructions.

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wrote: “Good day gentlemen! We were sent from the Main Base. I seek to speak with Captain Brett Knox. Where is he?”
"'Tis I!" Brett called through the sound of the storm, moving closer the the new arrivals. He looked at the extra horses they've brought and nodded approvingly.

Then he stared at the arm band around the small woman's arm, squinting his eyes through the rain. "Identify yourselves! Your rank and your unit!" He bellowed. He can't just hand over such precious cargo without knowing to whom he was transferring it to.

He looked over at the other two behind the small woman, trying to see their faces through the rain and their hoods. He was a bit disconcerted that there were only three of them but he supposed that each of them would be powerful in their own rights, being trained as special soldiers as well as possessing special weapons.
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Rianne eyed the man who answered her question, and waited for him to come closer. She observed him as he observed her horses rather approvingly and before moving on to her. She just steeled herself from the cold and the scrutiny. She sat there like a placid statue, as she hid her lack of confidence in her credibility by looks alone and discomfort. "..."
Brett Knox wrote:"Identify yourselves! Your rank and your unit!"
I hope the weather lets up soon... Rianne sighed, and lowered her scarf along with her hood. Her blue tresses tied in a high pony tail and the small braids that framed her neck kited in the wind. Her eyes squinted from sudden assault of the rain drops on her face.

Although she's already used to getting her face splashed with water or whipped by her wet hair courtesy of her own weapon. It still was not an enjoyable feeling. She promptly dismounted from the black horse.

At five feet and an inch thanks to her boots, she was still easily, how to put it nicely towered over by the horses beside her as well as the captain. But it can't be helped, as she feels it was right to humbled herself as she introduced her name.

"Elite Rianne-" The small blunette tried to voice her own name louder, but a crackle of thunder muffled her voice as she mentioned her surname "Serene" Destine... she mentally added. She picked up the intensity to get her voice through the wind and rain "from the Stationary Unit. She gave a promt bow.

She stood up straight and pointed her hands towards Livi and Rylen's direction. "And these are my comrades." Rianne patiently waited for the other two to come closer and introduce themselves.

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Due to the heavy rainfall and occasional thunder, Livi found it hard to hear them speak. But enough to make out what Captain Brett said and Rianne’s answer. She got off her horse and led them to Rianne’s right side and stood near her facing Captain Brett.

Livi put down her hood and parted her cloak to reveal her blue uniform and saluted as she answered “Livi Reinheld! I’m part of the Frontline Unit!” To make it easier to verify their identities she let herself get drenched by the rain. It also revealed the handle of her sword which she was carrying in her back.

She tried keeping a serious face as she looked at him but the rain and strong winds make it hard for her to keep her eyes open. So she would furrow her eyebrows and squint at him. Hopefully this wouldn’t cause any misunderstanding.

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Rylen dismounted from his horse and approached the group, slowly leading the horses forward. The horses warily kept looking at the demon and Rylen instinctively tightened his grip on the reins in case the horses suddenly spooked and try to run off.

Then, there was also another person Rylen was wary of.

He hesitantly stepped closer to Livi and took off his hood, feeling the wind and rain immediately blowing and soaking his hair, no doubt making it even more messier since he had neglected to tie it back when they left this morning.

Staring at the man who he assumed to be Captain Brett, Rylen saluted and said in a loud voice, “Rylen Cotterill from the Defense Unit, sir!” He gritted his teeth against the biting cold of the rain splattering on his skin. He hoped the captain won’t recognize his name.

In the past months since the graduation ball and then even more after the grand speech he received from Volker, every time Ileana would leave for the frontline for weeks on end, he would send trinkets and...letters to her. He actually thought the scout he’d been asking to send them had gotten fed up with him and might have gossiped about him to his soldier buddies but at least he was assured that Ileana was still receiving his gifts and letters.

The reason why the commander from Tylon generously gave up five horses to him was because he thought Rylen had some deeper connection with Ileana.

He wondered how long he’d have ‘til Ileana found out about these circulating whispers. He wasn’t exactly discouraging them. At least it proved useful to them for this mission, right?

He tried to keep a straight face and was suddenly feeling grateful for the cold rain for keeping his skin from flushing.

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Brett was taken aback at the woman...girl? Who first introduced herself. He was even more surprised to know that she was one of the three Elites! He heard that the sole woman Elite was small but he wasn’t expecting her to be this small. The top of her head barely reached the height of his chest!

He cleared his throat and mentally shook his head. He shouldn’t be judging from appearances especially with these special soldiers. If she was an Elite then she was damn powerful and skilled enough to be able to get that rank. They are, after all, almost on the same level as the Generals.

The other soldier who came forward next was a woman as well but at least she seemed a bit more...stronger looking, especially with that greatsword slung on her back. A frontline soldier as well! That means they’d be comrades-in-arms soon enough.

The last one who came forward was almost as tall as him and was, thankfully, a man.

It wasn’t like he had problem with women. It was just he wasn’t so keen on letting women take care of such a gruesome package. He didn’t think his conscience could take it.

He nearly choked though when he heard the man’s name and he resisted the urge to stare more than what was socially acceptable. He couldn’t help it though, the name was very, very familiar.

Even though the three of them were all Training Order soldiers, this one was infamous for an entirely different matter. In the corner of his eye, he saw his companions shifting and whispering among themselves.

So this was General Amedea’s beau who had been sending her gifts and love letters every time she stayed at the frontline. He had guts, Brett had to admit. It can’t be easy trying to win a General’s heart. And not just a General, a noble one at that. AND not just any old noble either. No, she just had to be the head of one of the High Houses.

Talk about aiming far and high. He was, indeed, an archer.

He almost snickered to himself at his own joke.

He coughed once and stood straighter. “Captain Brett Knox. I run the forward camp in Arcane Land whenever General Amedea is not around.” He glanced briefly at Rylen and resisted the urge to smile knowingly at him. “Thank you for responding to our request and I apologize for choosing such a bad time to meet up. Wasn’t expecting this kind of weather now of all times.” He grunted in disdain towards the sky.

“I see you’ve brought extra horses! Good. At least you’d have a speedy travel to the Facility!” He gestured at his men to bring the cart forward and attach the five extra horses. “We’ll give you these two horses as well to help. But since you have your own horses to ride as well I’m sure you’d have a speedier travel than us.” Brett said.

“Done, captain!” A soldier announced. “Uh, who’s going to be driving? We might as well attach your horse to the cart now.”
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Rianne didn't miss the beat of Brett's surprise. She was sensitive to this stuff, no matter how subtle they tried to hide it. She was already used this, surprising people by her height, looks, and then age. She just kept a curt smile and a placid look.

Wonder how many inches did Yohann grew this summer... He's nearly as tall as Livi if I remember... Rianne thought as she waited for the introduction to be over. Ugh... In a few months time people will hardly believe I'm older than him...

Rianne observed the man's change of demeanor when Rylen introduced himself, she even noticed his men were shifting about amongst themselves. She unfastened her rapier, which she had conveniently attached to one of the straps attached to Asche’s saddle.

"Nice meeting you Captain Knox, despite this unfavorable weather." Rianne smiled curtly as she answered the man's introduction. But at the back of her mind thought Arcane Land... It's near home... Rianne thought longingly Beyond that is Vetanom... But even before that there is Pomah...

"It's quite alright Captain, we didn't know Diraven would be in such a bad mood today of all days." she smiled curtly. "You're welcome. And Thank you for all your and your men's assistance! We'll take good care of the other two horses you've given us." Rianne then patiently waited till the men were done.

"Livi will be driving." Rianne answered in a cool tone, and nodded at Livi to help them with Snowfire. "Oh! And Rylen please help them and ensure that the horses are all okay."

"By the way Captain Knox is something of the matter?" the blunette queried at the tall man in front of her. Her eyes squinted a bit she she raised her head to look at him. If something was wrong with her team, or if there was something a miss she would like to know. She was still after all new to this sort of business, and senior's insight if very helpful and much appreciated.

"I couldn't help but notice something may be amiss. Is there a problem with my team?" she took a quick glance at Rylen, whom she noticed the captain's looks lingered longer earlier and then Livi. Before turning to look back up at the captain, mildly irritated having to squint everytime she looked up because of the rain.

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