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Kyros Bridge is the largest bridge in the continent connecting Western Altrus to Eastern Altrus. It is built upon and follows the isthmus that used to exist before it disappeared beneath the ocean when sea level rose.

The bridge is roughly 65 kilometers (40 miles) in length and roughly 15 meters (16 yards) in width. It stands at about 40 meters (131 feet) above sea level.
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4:26 AM - Jun 22, 2017 #61

Out of the sea of countless faces and arms, a large black wolf lunged towards his falling body and slammed into him, knocking him out of the hole and high up into the sky.


The next thing Rylen knew, he was falling up and he was leaving the darkness behind. Then he was floating, his chest felt lighter. He was flying.

The next moment, Rylen was in the forest, kneeling in front of a large black wolf who was looking at him with bright, orange eyes. Such wise looking eyes.

“Onyx!” Rylen cried and lunged at the wolf, wrapping his small, thin arms around its neck. He wept inconsolably into her fur, “I killed them, Nyx! I killed them!” He whimpered through sobs and gasps. “I miss you so much!”

Arms wrapped around his shoulders and he drew back in surprise, only to be met with the image of a woman with teal-colored eyes and flowing red hair. Rylen blinked and reached out to the woman who was drifting away.

He was tall again.

“Ileana?” Rylen called out hesitantly. His voice was deep again.

She was Ileana and yet she wasn’t.

She was far now.

Her mouth was moving.

She was saying something.

“What?! Wait! Ileana!” Rylen called out and started running after but his feet suddenly felt heavy. He couldn’t move.

“......stop her...”


Rylen’s chest convulsed beneath Kisara’s hands as she continued the chest compressions. Then he heaved and started coughing more blood until his airways cleared and he was finally able to suck on much needed air.

His eyes flickered as he came back to consciousness and he took greedy gulps of air, coughing harshly as the rain fell into his mouth and clogged his nostrils. Groaning, Rylen turned to his side, ignoring the twinge of pain that flared on his back.

….Where was he?

Morin and Raoul’s visage flashed in his mind and his eyes snapped open as his dream came back to him full force. He sat up, nearly colliding with Kisara, then winced as his back protested at the action. But he didn’t care. They were here for him!

He looked around wildly, eyes panicked and unseeing, “I’m sorry...I didn’t mean to kill...I didn’t mean to…!” He choked on his words and he wept.

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4:55 AM - Jun 22, 2017 #62

Livi wrote:“I-I’m fine… j-just a little c-cold…”

Rianne mentally answered to Livi's response. She knew she had a relationship with Rylen[note]The Heart Wants[note]. But she played along for now. It wasn't the right time to confront her. She just hug her tightly after Livi pulled her own cloak closer.
Livi wrote:“More importantly, how is he? Is he gonna be fine?”
"I don't know... Just pray for Hanrys' intervention." Rianne murmured sniffling as she turned her head from Rylen and buried her face in Livi's cloak. She should stop crying. She was a medic, she must get used to this. Gods please please save him... For Livi's and Geenral Ileana's sake and his family too..
Rylen wrote:“I’m sorry...I didn’t mean to kill...I didn’t mean to…!”
Rianne's head turned to look at Rylen's figure as she heard him scream. Is he saying the bandits?

"Don't worry Rylen... The demon had wiped them out, not you..." The blunette answered, her head still leaning on Livi. She was tired, and she didn't want to move and check if all of their human enemies were dead.

"Just stay still and lie down... I'll check on you in bit..." she added. Her breathe was laboured taking in the oxygen she had been lacking from holding her breath, and crying. From the looks of it the flames had heal him. That's a relief... Now I can breathe properly...

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5:19 AM - Jun 22, 2017 #63

Ileana bit her lip and she took one of Rylen’s hand between her own, gripping it as she watched Rianne work on Rylen until Kisara finally arrived. She didn’t let go even as Kisara’s fire engulfed him. She was afraid. She was too afraid.

She felt like if she let go of him now, she’d never be able to touch him again. That he’d slip off somewhere she couldn’t follow.

Rylen, please. Fight. She silently urged as her grip on his hand tightened. She closed her eyes and began praying. She hadn’t prayed in a long time...ever since Viviana died in her arms as she uselessly held her small body close, crying to the gods for help.

But they hadn’t listened to her pleas then and she stopped trying ever since.

Ileana gasped as memories of that day jumped to the forefront of her mind. Her family and friends. Dead. She was the only one who survived. She survived because she selfishly left them behind. She closed her eyes tighter as tears started to leak out, mingling with the raindrops.

Galandru,’ve already taken much….please no more…. Ileana prayed silently, “please...” she whimpered.

Her eyes snapped open when she heard Rylen cough and gasp. “Rylen!” She cried out happily when he started moving. She still held his hand when he sat up abruptly.

He’s alive! He’s alright!
Rylen wrote:I’m sorry...I didn’t mean to kill...I didn’t mean to…!

Ileana’s heart broke when he started crying. It has been ten years since she’d seen him like this. They were only kids then, trying to survive in the forest all alone. He’d woken up several nights like this, unable to shake the guilt of taking someone’s life.

Had their ghost been following him all this time?

Bowing her head, Ileana crawled closer to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, bring his head to the nook of her neck. She started rubbing his back while her thumb drew soothing circles on the back of his hand that she still held.

“It’s alright, Rylen. They aren’t here anymore...” Ileana whispered in his ear soothingly. “It’s alright now...”
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When he came to, he looked like someone who had just awaken from a bad dream. He really was on the borderline of death just now. Livi sighed with relief seeing him wake up only to be filled with distress again. He seemed to be guilty about killing someone? He hadn’t even hit any of the bandits, who was he referring to?

Seeing him in General Ileana’s arms, made her take a step back. Her grip on her cloak tightened. The truth was becoming clear almost undeniable. Then looked down. ‘It’s cold.’ she thought. Tears flowed from her eyes, she silently wiped it as she put back her hood to hide her face a bit. With a look of gloom under her hood. She didn’t dare listen nor look anymore. She directed her gaze elsewhere.

She turned to look at the aftermath of their battle. A broken cart. Unconscious bodies of the bandits who tried to attack them. And the horses the general rode from afar. “Snowfire!” she exclaimed. She walked away from them and looked around looking for signs on where the horses might have gone.

Then from the distance she saw the horses and her white stallion standing out. “Snowfire!” she shouted and saw him running towards her. She also ran some distance to meet her stallion. “Oh thank goodness, you’re fine.” then stroked his face then let out a sigh of relief.

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8:52 AM - Jun 22, 2017 #65

Kisara sighed with relief that Cotterill is now conscious but he looks like that he is still in the remnants of a dream. She is still satisfied that he is alive and going to heal but healing the mind will take a long time. Especially from what happened today might have triggered and awful dream or memory of Rylen that her co General knows.

She looked at the petite medic. "Check if he has anymore injuries. My flames might have healed his cuts but it can't fully heal major wounds like broken ribs or mutilated limbs." She explained. "Especially after using that one strike to that demon. Rylen is lucky that it was that the magic left in the subsiding flames from my weapon healed him enough and gave his heart a sharp boost of adrenaline."

Kisara then looked at Ileana as she soothe Rylen. "Stay here Ileana." She said to the red-head. Her golden eyes sad for her friend but relieved that she will be okay that her childhood friend will be okay. "I will see to the carnage and check everything before we go. Eclair needs to know what happened here."

With that she stood and grab Rheagel from where she put it and put to of her fingers to her mouth and let out a loud whistle. Loud galloping hooves are heard overhead as black thunder reigned to a halt a few feet from his mistress.

"I will check the other end of the bridge to see if there aren't more surprises to be expect." She said as she mounted her black horse. "Will be back in a flash. hah!" With that she galloped away to check the perimeter of the bridge.

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10:21 AM - Jun 22, 2017 #66

Rianne let go as Livi left, and looked at her back as she ran to meet snowfire. "..."

Even General Kisara's words were a blurr. She filed them away, and simply looked at General Ileana and her patient. She closed her eyes and pulled over her hood. "..."

She wanted to get away, and leave this two. There was definitely something going on between them. And she'll leave them at their own devices if they have something to sort out. She'd like to comfort Livi, but she already sees the younger blunette wanted to be alone and didn't need her.

"Just wait here and rest Rylen, you don't seem to be needing me for a bit, so I'll take my chance to get some supply" She told the two. "So I need to get Asche... I'll look for Sunny as well, just please don't strain yourself and rest up."

Without waiting for an answer, she bowed, took her sheathed her rapier, and left. She ran to the East where she sent Asche galloping. She ignored the carnage in her wake and passed by Livi who was united with Snowfire.

When she was far from Livi. She stop and was about to call for Asche, when she heard the familiar neigh of her steed. Asche was galloping toward her and reared as he stopped. He then landed both his front legs just a few feet from her. And eyed the smaller creature. "Yes. It's me Asche."

The horse gave a loud grunt as if to retort 'I know, I'm not blind.' The horse nipped her hood threw it off and began nipping her hair. "Haha Stop that. I-I'm okay!! Oma Nes, and Emett kept me safe..." Rianne she playfully told Asche, as she caught the horse's head in both her arms and rubbed its face.

"I'm okay..." she repeated, more to herself than to her horse, as hugged Asche's neck. She closed her eyes as she tried to flush out all the negative emotions she had been feeling, since the beginning of the encounter. No since she started crossing Kyros Bridge. I'll be okay...
[+] Spoiler
Emett - Rianne's kinsmen and bodyguard/guardian. Last one to die in the same incident that took Ines' life fifteen years ago. Succumbed to injures as he protected the unconscious child.
Rianne believes that he and Ines, was watching over her on her journey on Kyros Bridge. And probably intervened again, and prayed to the gods to keep her safe, as it had been their dying words to keep her safe. Or so she remembers.

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4:37 AM - Jun 23, 2017 #67

Rylen stilled and grew silent when he felt himself being pulled into a hug, his face being pushed against a slender neck. His nose pressed on exposed skin and the subtle scent of cinnamon and sandalwood mixed with a hint of dried sweat and leather wrapped around him. He inhaled deeply and opened his eyes, not even realizing he’d closed them again, and was met with the sight of damp, red curls.

He relaxed, slumping against Ileana as she rubbed his back. It was cold and yet he’d never felt so warm in his life. The hand she was holding gripped back at her in reassurance as he listened to her words.

That’s right...they were already gone…it was just a nightmare...

What was he doing again? ...Nyx...a woman with flowing red hair….. ’Stop her…’

A large white form with black, baleful eyes lunging at him.

He jolted out of Ileana’s hold with a sharp gasp and then winced at the responding pain on his back. “Ow!” He hissed and arched his back until he felt his spine pop and crack and then sighed in relief as the pressure was released.

Then he looked around, not seeing anyone nearby aside from… “Ileana!” Rylen exclaimed in surprise, finally realizing that he hadn’t been dreaming anymore and she was really here. In front of him. “W-what are you doing here? Wait! A white demon! There was a white demon!” He shouted in a panic and searched around for his bow, spotting it just a few feet away.

He reached for it and inspected it, sighing in relief when he found no damage. He then fumbled at the buckle that held his quiver strapped to his back, taking it off and inspecting the arrows. Miraculously, there doesn’t seem to be any broken despite his quiver and arrows taking the brunt of the impact. But then again, the arrows were made from and are basically extensions to his bow so they too would be unbreakable.

Perhaps he should count himself lucky then. He could have broken his spine...

He looked around again, but apart from the steady rain, everything seems at peace. He spied someone in the distance with a horse and realized that it was Livi and her steed, Snowfire. He wondered what had happened to Sunny.

‘I hope he’s okay...I have to find him…but first...’

Rylen blinked and shook his head. There was still a slight pain behind his eyes but he ignored it in favor of focusing on the woman in front of him. “Um...what happened? How long was I out? What happened to the demon? How are you here?” He asked in a rush. Normally he’d have taken the time to take in and analyse his surroundings more but he was still feeling a bit out of it.

He was also rattled by her unexpected presence.

His gaze kept jumping from her suspiciously red-rimmed eyes to her lips.

Yep. Still out of it.

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4:47 AM - Jun 23, 2017 #68

Ileana ignored everyone as she focused all her attention on soothing Rylen. No one else mattered to her right now. She’d almost lost him. She’d almost lost him and there was nothing she could do but watch helplessly.

She hated it so much!

Suddenly, Rylen jolted out of her hold and then hissed in pain. She worriedly observed him for any more injuries but was relieved when she found none. He was alright.

Ileana sighed. He had finally calmed down enough to regain his wits. She smiled tightly when he realized her presence and waited for a bit as he took stock of himself and his surroundings.

She still felt shaken but seeing him move and talk actively assured her that he was no longer in danger.

The thought almost made her laugh. No longer in danger? He was still a soldier. He would still be taking this sort of mission...What if this happens again later on and he wouldn’t be so lucky?
Rylen wrote:Um...what happened? How long was I out? What happened to the demon? How are you here?

Ileana stared at his face, lingering on the scar that would forever remind her of the sacrifice he made for her back when he didn’t even know her. That scar always made her feel guilty..but at the same time, it made her proud of him.

Biting her lip and avoiding his gaze, Ileana leaned towards him and pressed a soft kiss on his scarred cheek. “I’ll have Rianne or Livi explain to you later...just...let’s stay like this for now...” She whispered against his skin, wrapping her arms around him tightly before nestling her head into the crook of his neck.

There underneath the pouring rain, they sat quietly, basking in the wake of their victory against such an unexpected foe. They’d go separate ways soon, she knew. She’d have to go back to the front lines sooner than she originally planned, gather reports and data, and make sure the soldiers knew what sort of enemy they are up against…

She’ll think about those later.

Right now, she was just content to have him alive and safe in her arms.

Mission end.

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