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Location: Main Office Lobby
Task: To stay unnoticed and discover what’s the conversation is about.
Where could it have gone?
Auris was certain he'd already checked everywhere. He'd searched the dormitory, the library, the training grounds themselves and every other corner of the area -- yet the whereabouts of his most recently written notes remained unknown to him.
They couldn't be anywhere else.. they had to be somewhere here. Unless a fellow soldier had stolen them, there was no way for the several sheets of paper to leave the training grounds by themselves.

The soldier sighed, frustrated, as his amber eyes globally scanned the floor near the main building when he walked past it for probably the fifth time by now. But this time, suddenly, they caught sight of something.

There was a single piece of paper lying in front of the office entrance. A faint hope sprang to life as his attention locked onto it.
Had it been there before? Auris thought, but he couldn't be bothered with the answer to this question before he quickly made his way over. As he approached the paper, he was just in time to hear hurried footsteps fade into the office; and could quickly catch a glimpse of someone entering the building.
The soldier didn't pay it much mind, though. It didn't feel relevant. Aching to find out if the paper was one of his notes, he picked it up and turned it over -- only to, much to his annoyance, find out it was something else completely.

Oh, come on! Auris growled quietly, knowing this meant that his search wasn't over yet. Where could his notes BE? He knew he wasn't the most organised person, but this just felt unfair to him.
Just as he was about to turn around and leave again, however, something else struck him. His eyes shifted back over to the office door, and now for the first time the answer to his earlier question occured to him.
No. This paper had not been here before.

Quickly connecting the dots, Auris figured that whoever had just entered the building had probably dropped it. And experiencing right now how frustrating losing your documents could be, it didn't take the soldier long to decide what to do with it.
Fine. He'd return it. Just head in quickly, give it back, build up some good karma and then perhaps finally find his own.

Taking the paper with him, he thus followed into the office shortly after. It took him a few moments to get a guess on where the individual had headed, but eventually he turned around a corner to see her standing in the far end of the lobby. It was Nadya, and apparently.. she was whispering?
Auris hesitated, halting his pace for a moment as he was struck with the fact she could be in the midst of an important conversation with the man standing opposed of her -- Andrei of the Flaming Forge, as he identified the figure.
He had no intentions of interrupting anything important, and thus considered just leaving the paper here and heading out again.. Yet he had barely turned back around the corner when one word in particular caught his attention.


And yet again, he halted -- straining his ears to try and figure out the context.
Demons? What about them? Was there a nearby outbreak of sorts? Clearly it was something they weren't allowed to know about, however, for else the two wouldn't have been whispering. But what could they be hiding about a topic that was this important?

Auris frowned, uncertain of what was going on here. And without even realising that he was about to eavesdrop a conversation, he remained still around the corner while trying to pick up more words from the exchange.
Something about this was fishy.
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Andrei's left leg clank as he moved the mechanical limb around the room. Even though it has been more than a year since he had his mechanical leg was attached to him, he still can't get a hold of it when walking around. Staying in his humble forge was easy but coming all the way over to the main office was different. His eyes would squint whenever his ears could hear metal hitting something else, reminding him of his experience and why he lost one leg.

When he finally caught sight of Nadya, he got himself steady, stopping that cold ticking of metal to the ground. "Nadya," he called out full of alert.

"What is this about Andrei? Demons?" Nadya used her hands to explain her anxiety. She was restless when she was on her way to the main office as Andrei's note called to her. It said to be that new information regarding their targets. But the only thing that arrived to the military was from rumors and not stated facts from any of their dispersed troops. Them being from rumors only means one thing: they only got leaks from talks from other people outside the military's information web.

"Yes." Andrei hesitantly answered. His eyes tries looking over around to see if there's particularly anyone who could be hearing his words when he knows that they are not really a hundred percent sure if it's true or not. "Apparently there's a group that has been studying about demons aside from those permitted by the order." Still, Andrei made sure that his tone was still low but just enough for Nadya to hear from a few feet.

"Another group?" Nadya gasped as another story came to her mind. "Don't tell me... No..." Nadya's eyes widened as Andrei looked at her with a confirmed expression, making whatever she's thinking seem to be in sync with what Andrei knows.

Andrei nods as he realized Nadya is now on the same page as him. "They are on the move again." Dismay won over his emotions as he tries to order his thoughts. "I'm on my way to report to General Eclair about the situation and since you were once acquainted with one of their members, I thought it would be best to have you inside the ring as well. Especially now that I won't be able to help that much anymore." He stomp his right leg, creating clacking sound, a reminder that he can no longer fight even if he wants to.

"I see. But these are just from rumors, right?" Nadya hesitated. Of course, if she is to be of help again, she would surely be willing to give everything she had to the military. But as of the moment, even after years have past since the great war, she's still not sure if she's ready to face the battlefield again - not after her decision to open up a shop in Antar and stay away from the front lines - from where it smelled nothing but death.

"Apparently so. But with these kinds of unsure information roaming around would only alarm the unnecessary. Best to have it reached to the higher ups and let them work on to seeing if this is true or not." Andrei turned around, heading to Eclair's office.

"You're right. But I don't think I could be of any help either." Nadya could only bow her head, disappointed on herself and what she's saying as well.
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