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Altrusian Gods and Goddesses

  • Dejanira - Goddess of Earth and patron goddess of Agudia [note]About Agudia[note]
  • Aerethe - Goddess of Peace [note]From Search for the Black Sheep[note]
  • Arcon - God of War and Battle. Prayed to by soldiers and fighters. Also known as the God of Chaos and Discord.
  • Helia - Goddess of the Sun. Daughter of Dejanira
  • Allain - God of Moon. Son of Dejanira
  • Lethe - Goddess of Integrity
  • Reia - Goddess of mercy, prayed to for mercy from the enemy
  • Leia - Goddess of mercy, prayed to for mercy from others
  • Teia - Goddess of mercy, prayed to for divine mercy
  • Diraven - God of weather
  • Galandru - God of Death
  • Landru - God of the afterlife. Caretaker of spirits. Son of Galandru.
  • Pardem - God of trade and crafts, also known as the God of Mischief and Deceit. Mostly prayed to by merchants, artists and artisans wanting to sell their wares and creations.
  • Artem - God of the Forge and Crafts, mostly prayed to by Artisans whose crafts involves creations made for functionality. Son of Pardem.
  • Artiste - Goddess of Arts and Crafts. Mostly prayed to by Artists for inspiration for their crafts which involves creations more for beauty and aesthetics, rather than function. Twin sister of Artem, and daughter of Pardem.
  • Hanrys - God of health and healing
  • Rynsha - Goddess of sickness and plagues. Twin sister of Hanrys.
  • Zenaiah - Goddess of love, beauty, passion and sexuality. She is also the goddess of entertainment; music, poems, songs and dances. Some people also refer to her as the Goddess of War because to them, love and war are exactly alike.
  • Astreus – God of the Night Sky, Stars, and Constellations. Since the constellations served as guides from the heavens, he was also called the God of Guidance and Navigation. Patron God of Travelers, Explorers, and Sailors, he is often prayed for protection during travels, especially at night or dark roads, and also prayed for guidance when lost.
  • Astreia- Goddess of Twilight, Dawn, and Dusk. With light and darkness intermingling in her domain, the term 'light in darkness' was coined. Thus she is often called the goddess of Hope. She is often prayed for protection and deliverance from darkness or dark times. Daughter of Astreus and Tellia.
  • Tellia – Goddess of Day and Rainbows. As the rainbow only appears after stormy skies, she is often prayed to for the safe deliverance from turbulent times, and a better beginning there after. She is often mistaken with Teia.
  • Lantis – God of the Sea and other forms of water. Brother of Nieve.
  • Nieve – Goddess of Snow and fresh water, patron goddess of Lakes and Rivers.
  • Vayu – God of the Wind and Air, he controls the four wind gods.
  • Agni – God of the West winds and bringer of spring, the mildest and most favorable of the four wind gods. Often prayed for a flourishing spring. Brother of Varuna, husband of Isana.
  • Isana– Goddess of the Easterly winds and bringer of summer also called the goddess of trade winds, fastest and warmest of the wind gods, prayed to by sailors for favorable winds at sea.
  • Varuna – Goddess of the South winds and bringer of autumn, bringer of storms during late summer and in autumn.
  • Nadri – God of the North winds and bringer of winter, eldest of the four directional wind gods. Being the coldest, he is often feared by animals and humans alike. He is often prayed for milder winters. Brother of Isana, husband of Varuna.
  • Alola - Goddess of planting and harvest. Also known as the goddess of karma. The saying "you reap what you sow" was derived from her by her devotees.
Other Faiths

Garuze - God of mercy and protection (?) [note]From Merchant's Words[note]

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