Kisara Alexandria
Location Ponomy City
Interests Books, Music [mostly classic piano or mellow music], Spring and Autumn season [loves autumn fashion].
A Weapons savvy person.
Character Backstory Kisara is the sole heir to the House of Alexandria, the family is responsible for the mining business of Altrus. Throughout history the House of Alexandria has been prosperous since the foundation of Altrus. Some say they are blood relatives to the royal family but none have confirm this false rumor. The noble House of Alexandria has serve the royal family for generations. They are responsible for bringing wealth in Altrus. They primarily own the mines in Trontell, where rare gems and minerals are mined for the currency and other ventures for the kingdom.

As the only child of the family, Kisara was spoiled by
her parents. She was quite child but with
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Weapon Swordstaff (Cursed)
Deeks 45000
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